Monday, February 2, 2015

Riders of the Dead- #KislevKountdown

This weekend was a BUSY weekend! My girlfriend was away for the weekend, and I had no prior commitments, so it was a rare weekend when I knew I could commit a solid 60 hours to PAINTING!

If you want to follow my progress blow by blow, you can check out the Twitter hashtag #KislevKountdown which I kept updated all weekend!

Firstly I finished the Lancer command group. Really pleased with how the sculpted visors turned out on these- changes the once goofy Lancers into an altogether scarier unit!

Next up was to get the Priest of Ursun painted. I wanted to make this guy stand out from the unit, and make it clear that he's NOT a Winged Lancer himself. Hence, no back banner, no painted horse. To further contrast, I decided to put him on a jet black horse, wheras all the lancers have very light coloured horses. The Red cloak and blue gem pendant was a conscious decision to try and tie him into the unit just enough.

Finally, after finishing the final four Winged Lancers, the unit is complete:

Finishing these guys needed some extra shields- so I simply pressmoulded some grom a greenstuff/milliput mix (for strength/stiffness)

Finally, a new purchase arrived this weekend, though she won't be seeing any paint for a considerable time- my Kislev Hunter (from the Mordheim Range!). She'll be used as a Witch Hunter in future games.

Here's the army so far:

Sadly.... here what didn't get finished over the weekend. I better work hard this evening and tomorrow morning to get them done in time for my first proper game tomorrow night!!!! Fingers crossed I can finish them in time.

Let me know what you think!

Jon Kerr


Ulfast said...

Wow, great work. Can´t wait to see the rest and to hear about your battle. Please tell us how it goes :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice, it is nice to see the historical influence of the polish hussars with the wings and all

PJ said...

Hey,i Love your stuff and now i am searching for the masks you used for the great Swords. Can you help me where you get them?

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