Friday, February 20, 2015

Point Hammered Episode 120 Show Notes

Episode 120 has been released. Check it out!

General Discussion
Part 1 of the Call to Glory campaign rules.

Email of the Week
Mark C has some old fart warhammer questions.

Voicemail of the Week
Nicol gives a buzz to let us know his ass is pumped for 9th!

Event of the Week
August 15-16

Johnny's current (audio)book
The Road by Cormac McCarthy

 Rodge's current (audio)book
The Fell Sword by Miles Cameron
This is the second book in an old school light hearted fantasy series. The first book in the series is called the Red Knight. Get it at one of these links to support the cast:
600+ page ebook/paperback on Amazon
30+ hour audiobook on Audible

Johnny's current obsession(s)
Nick Offerman - Paddle Your Own Canoe

Rodge's current obsession(s)

Johnny's music pick
Tim Barry - Lost & Rootless CD

Tim Barry - Older & Poorer

Tim Barry - Clay Pigeons

Johnny's Point Hammered History
How simple it used to be to buy some minis, build them, and paint them up.
These days it's all about conversions, and themes and telling stories.
Oh, to be so lazy with it all again!

Rodge's blog pick
Goldmunds Welt Warhawk Riders
These are phenomenal!
Johnny's army theme

Rodge's cheapass hidden hobby dollars
If Rodge doesn't get married on Sept 11th, do the terrorists win?

Question of the Month
Have you played in a warhammer campaign before? What rules did you use? Did you finish?

 Let us know your thoughts on this question, the podcast or anything else by leaving comments below or contacting us through one of the following!!

601-TRY-HPBV (601-879-4728)
@pointhammered on twitter (Johnny)
@hammered_rodge (Rodge)


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