Friday, February 20, 2015

Creating a Gifts of Chaos Deck

I searched high and low for the cheapest way to do a Gifts of Chaos deck for the Call to Glory campaign.

You could just get your hands on a boat load of regular playing cards and then pick up some sleeves but my inner perfectionist would not allow the playing card images bleeding through the paper. I wanted to find blank cards.

The cheapest blank cards I found were these blank bastards on Amazon. You get about 500 for $13.50. Interestingly, they're actually not full-size playing cards. They're the same width as the cards from Dominion and other board games.

These blank cards actually fit the Mayday Games euro card sleeves perfectly. They're a little cheaper on the actual Mayday Games site FYI. You can get clear or black ones.

So first you print the cards on the Campaign Google Drive. Cut them to size, hopefully with a paper trimmer and not slowly with a scissors. Drop the paper card into a sleeve with the playing card and you're good to go. They'll have the feel of real fancy cards. If you use clear sleeves, you can print out an image to put on the back of all your cards.

To start with, a single box and three 100 sleeve packs is likely enough for up to a 5 man campaign. The actual card count for everything from Release #1 and Release #2 is probably 600 cards or so, but you won't have anywhere near that many in play to start with. You may need an extra pack or two before the end.

For the 7 man campaign, I printed out a bunch of extra level 0 and resource cards so I picked up extra sleeves out the gate.

Full disclosure: if you buy cards or sleeves through these links, a portion will go to support the podcast and blog!


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