Sunday, February 1, 2015

Albion Scenery- Ogham Stones and Forests

Albion Terrain (3)

I’m used to playing games of Warhammer with the bare minimum of terrain, the most interesting of which tends to be the Mysterious Forests! (boring!!)

For our local Shrouded Isle campaign, games can have pieces of mandatory scenery dependant on which tile of the map you are currently fighting over.

To start off with, I assembled some coniferous forests, which nicely fit the feel of Albion being a highland, rugged landscape.

I also made some Ogham Stone scenery pieces. I think we’ll need a few of these to scatter on boards throughout the campaign. These count as Arcane Ruins for the purposes of the game, but I envision that we can combine multiple pieces together to represent the Great Ogham, the largest of these sites on Albion, which counts a Wizards Tower.

The Ogham stone was based on a sheet of hardboard, as with all my scenery, rough side up so that it takes the glue and sand better. The stones themselves were cut from dense insulation foam using a hot wire foam cutter, pinned with toothpicks, and glued with PVA. They were also painted with watered down PVA to seal to foam to prevent the spray paint from melting it. Some patches of foam were left bare, as the slight melting of the foam can add some variation in texture if used sparingly. I added a tree to match the ones from the forest, just to tie the scenery pieces together and hopefully give the overall battlefield a highly forested appearance.

Finally a few scattered pieces of slate and bark provide some rubble for the base and break up the large, flat areas. The finished piece was painted to match the forest- simple brown basing, dry-brushed grey rock weathered with brown and green washes, and static grass, tufts and flock to finish the base.

Albion Terrain (2)

Albion Terrain (3)

Albion Terrain (4)

Albion Terrain (5)

Let me know what you think!



Tony said...

Great looking terrain.

I'm sure you will have fun fighting over these pieces.


Ryan said...

I need to get a hot wire cutter. Looks so much better than me chopping at the stuff with a razor blade.

Looks great. Where did you get coniferous trees? I have seen the snow flocked ones before at craft stores, but not the bare coniferous ones.

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