Friday, January 23, 2015

The Wild Hunt- Treeman

Next up for the Wood Elves is my Treeman!

This guy was a pretty major conversion, including bits from the classic Durthu model, Citadel Wood kit, and LOTS of sculpting work!
This is a bit of a tale of woe really- a warning to you all!
The Treeman was carefully assembled using bits of the citadel wood, and metal components from the classic Durthu.
I tried to pick pieces of the forest kit which already had the shape of limbs, for example the leg pieces which already look like legs!

Unfortunately, I stored the model in an open box on top of my cabinet. A few days later, the poor Treeman took a tumble off the cabinet, colliding with a radiator on the way down. This is what was left:

Needless to say, lots of raging and profanities later, the Treeman went in a box and was hidden away from sight.

After around 6 months, I felt ready to try again- determined to make him even better than before.

Yes, that's a big wooden cock, complete with mossy balls. He's pretty proud of it.

Let me know what you think!



DeanM said...

Magnificently painted conversions! Simply amazing - love the way the colors all blend together so well and pop. Amazing!

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