Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Wild Hunt- Forest Dragon


The latest addition to my Wood Elf army is the Forest Dragon!

I've been working on this model on and off for nearly 2 years now. The base model is the old metal Forest Dragon (without the spites/sprites), with some reposing, and the addition of LOTR Fell Beast wings. I built up the scenic base to give the impression that the Dragon was smashing his way through the Forest to get to his enemies.


Painting the wings actually wasn't anywhere near as bad as you might think. Very time consuming, but really just a case of blocking out the main shapes, trying to keep both wings symmetrical. Once you have the blocked out freehand you can highlight as you would any other part of the model.

Then comes the clever bit: the washes.
Once the (garish!) freehand was fully dry, I gave it a good coat of matt varnish, and let that dry also.
Then I gave it a coat of hairspray (yes, hairspray!).
A range of different washes were then applied using the airbrush (you can use this method with a brush). The hairspray underneath means that you can use a damp toothbrush to "weather" the top coat of wash to reveal the brighter colour beneath. It gives a very cool, natural weathering effect (look closely at the bone coloured sections to see what I mean).

Let me know what you think!




Unknown said...

Brilliant !! The choice of the wings and the originality of the butterfly paint job are spot on ! You managed to create new and original from old and déjà vu. I really like the base too. Great great work!!!

Rusty said...

Jon they're gorgeous. Although I still have a soft spot for your chaos dwarves/ogres.

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