Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Fury of the Crown Prince! Paca Preparation

Fury of the Crown Prince!

It has been awhile since I've managed a post due to the holidays and the rush to prepare for Waaaghpaca!  With the end times upon us I saw Paca's acceptance of the characters and army lists as a nice surprise.  I wasn't planning on taking anything crazy at first until I started to think...what are the chances I'll ever get the chance to use End Times characters again?  With that thought I decided I needed to bring an ET list and just go for it...

I have decided to Bring Imrik.  My first thought was to bring one of the souped up Alarielle's because I had just worked on that conversion and had her ready to go.  However, I had just used her at Merry Mayhem and was really looking forward to going back to paca with a Star Prince with the 50% lord cap.  So when I decided to bring an End Times Character I knew Imrik was for me.

I was very disappointed when he was left out of the last two editions of the High Elf book but looking at the other two editions his rules are very similar now (other than combined profile) to what they were back then.  He still wields the Star Lance and the DragonHorn and rides Minaithnir.  With 10 T7 wounds and 10 S7-10 attacks though he's beefed up quite a bit!

After Eltharion, Imrik was always one of my favorite high elf characters so since I brought Eltharion last year and he's....SPOILER...dead now.  I figured Imrik was the right choice.  He wasn't much of a conversion since the Dragon Kit comes with a star lance and the dragon horn bits.  However, I wasn't sure what head to use and I've never really liked his silly crown so I went with an Eldar head actually with the cropped hair.  I really like the stern face.

Imrik riding Minaithnir - Nearly Done Stage

Imrik uses the Star Lance, an Iconic item in the history of the High Elves and one that can be used by any character in the current book, but is then disallowed in an army including Imrik.   It is his after all, he probably gets sick of loaning it out.  I tried a couple paint schemes but didn't like either until I decided to just paint it like it sounds.
A couple of early trial/error

Final Version

 My other preparation included a mounted BSB and 5 Ellyrian Reavers.  Many of you may be surprised that I hadn't joined the club and started using Reavers immediately after they were allowed in core with the 8th ed book but up until this point I hadn't had any and didn't want to paint any.  Well I went ahead and did it.  I will be using them for Masters too so helpful for two tournaments anyway.

 For the Ellyrian Reavers I chose to try and get some blended socks on my horses based on a horse I saw in a movie.  As such I chose to bust out the airbrush and try and give it a go for some Fantasy models.  I think it turned out pretty good.

Finally thought I would add the pictures of the army and display board for the upcoming weekend.  Should be an amazing event as always.  Imrik is solid, but I have played against several opponents and he never racks up his points but he also hasn't died yet.  Though he has been very close twice against Witch Elf hordes.  I've really enjoyed playing with him, but haven't been up against any other End Times characters yet.

The Fury of the Crown Prince


Unknown said...

Army looks really nice, great clean paintjobs and some nice little conversions/kitbashes/swaps that fit in perfectly. I like the banner on what otherwise is the reaver champion, that works rather well, might have to pinch it if I do any more, I just chopped a spear top off and shoved on the banner top.

Ryan said...

Thanks for the positive comments David. As you said there aren't a lot of conversions, but several subtle ones throughout. Not a bad thought on replacing a spear tip with a banner too. My musician on that unit is a guy with the eagle horn from the archer kit attached to his belt. Hard to see, but it's there.

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