Monday, January 19, 2015

Riders of the Dead- Bear Riders and Lancers

Alright guys...!

I had a nice productive weekend... hope you all had a good'n!


Firstly, my two other Bears arrived in the post (courtesy of the brilliant Element Games!), so I took the time to magnetise up the big tray.

For my 750pt target (end of Jan) I only need the first two Bears painted, so I finished the sculpting on these two and got them undercoated ready for paint!

Here's the first completed Bear Rider!

Believe it or not, painting the Bear's head on the shields and making it actually LOOK like a bear, rather than some kind of wolf or dog, is actually very difficult! I initially tried it on the Winged Lancers and after over 10 unsuccessful attempts, I gave up and went for the Bear Paw motif (which I quite like anyway). When it came to the Bear Riders I didn't want to use the same icon as the lancers, so I tried painting the bears head again. This time I THINK it worked- what do you reckon?! Regardless its the best I can do....

Let me know what you think! The comments are great motivation, keep them coming (although I'm unable to reply!). If you want to chat, hit me up on Twitter @Jon_Kerr_T4G



Darth Mustard said...

It is a great realization! The choice of the bears is perfect!! I like that you go against all odds in this "End of time" and go old school!! It´s a brilliant army choice and a great vision. The color choice for the bears and riders is spot on and contrasts nicely the rest of the army. Digging the thundra bases too. Looking forward for more !!!

Ryan said...

Great work! I've been hoping to find a way to use these Bear riders for years but GW has never given us Dwarf Riders... Really enjoying following this project, I have an idea of how to get those guys in my next army. Excited to get it done.

Solidwinner7752 said...

miniatures mounted bears marks are? indeed good thumbnail

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