Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Johnny's Hobby Table - Episode 118

Finally I've found some mojo!

 Here's what I talked about in episode 118.

First and foremost are the chaos warriors. Converted up with lance arms from the Chaos Knights box kit as lances. The heads are from Spell Crow Miniatures, out of Poland.

Next up is the leader of my merry chaos band. This is the Avatars of War Marauder Champion. He's just been based and assembled. Such a sweet model! I really do not like working with metal minis anymore. What a hassle!

Next up is the current state of the future Orctonnian Lord. I've been sculpting on this guy for a while. He's getting there!
Lastly, the current Orctonnian that I've been painting. The orc himself is almost done, but the standard is going to take a while.
That's it. We'll see if this hobby motivation continues!


Ryan said...

Looking great! Do you have a tutorial on the saddle/caparison folds on here anywhere? I'm working on this for my current Nurgle warriors on boars and this would be nice to add in.

Johnny Hastings said...

I don't currently have one, but could put something together. It'll be after Paca tho.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hey John, I checked the website for the heads. Appearently there is only 40Gay crap. Where exactly have y ou found those barbarian heads?

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