Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rogers' Hobby Desk - Episode 115 - Fortress of Gorkitude

Here is a look at what I've been up to as described in Episode 115 of Point Hammered.

Gorkamorka terrain out the wazoo! A few scenarios call for a fort, so someone had to slap one together.

Here is everything finished so far. Close to being done with most of my terrain.

Prisoner cage! Built from various textured plasticard pieces and secret weapon fence like material.

Resin barrel piece picked up off ebay and scratch built mine/bunker entrance. All the morka forts worth their salt got a scrap mine.

This wall 'o skulls and all the skulls on spikes are armorcast I believe, also picked up on ebay. I felt little details like that would help 'fill up' the fort so it's not just walls with nothing in 'em.

Another piece for character. Some kind 'o pump thingy. It's actually a complete 3d printed object of shapeways. Came in one solid piece that I just based.

Always need some crates! Picked up on ebay. The wall sections are scratch built from various plasticard sheets.

The fortress walls are based off secret weapon scrapyard barricades. I ended up having to add another 2" in height to each with plasticard to make them proper walls.

I wanted everything to be modular. So the roof section just sort of sits into the end tubes of each wall section, just like the gates.

With the setup, I can make any number of interesting huts/shacks/outposts.

Could even throw a dick-like stone pillar in there for added fun.

Got a few more roof sections I' working on along with some last few bits and bobs.

Including some fun signs for themed trading outposts!

That's it for now! I probably will do a second batch at some point. I have a lot of a good ideas in the hatch yet but I want to get some games in with this stuff first!


DeanM said...

Very cool terrain - the rusty metal really conveys the feel

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