Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Riders of the Dead- Vladimir the Vast

Slow progress on this, still!

The first Bear Rider is mounted up, waiting for some greenstuff work!

Here's someone new- Vladimir the Vast, Grand Boyar of the Last Pulk!

Some of you may recognise him as being converted from the 40k Vostroyan Commander. This was hard work and involved numerous power tools, hammering, and cut fingers. I removed his legs, and carved/dremelled away his skirt until he eventually sat on the horse properly. The legs were taken from an Empire Knight.

I went for a simple yet brutal mace- a contrast to his fancy armour and ornamental wargear. I figure the rest of his stuff is ceremonial, but his mace is a reminder of his days on in the ranks as a simple foot-slogger. Lots more sculpting work required on this guy, also.

I've added the very early WIP Winged Lancer to the shot for scale! Shows how HUGE Vlad really is (I feel sorry for the horse!). Lots of work still to do on the Lancer, hoping to get him finished off soon.

Let me know what you think! @Jon_Kerr_T4G


The Responsible One said...

He's really well done - metal is a real pain to work with, and you've done a good job of making it look natural. Once he's painted, it'll be hard to tell he's a conversion unless you know the models.

Unknown said...

Do the standard empire knight legs fit on the scribor bears? I was.thinking doing the same but with white wolf knights, but wasnt sure if it will fit!

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