Thursday, December 18, 2014

Riders of the Dead- The Tsarina (WIP)

Work on the Kislev continues, this time on Tsarina Katarina, the Ice Queen of Kislev.

Sorry for the picture heavy post!

It's a pretty extensive conversion but I wanted to keep as many aspects of the original (ugly mo-fo) model as possible. To that end, I removed the crown, sword and staff from the original and added these to the Vampiress from the Coven Throne.

I've made some barriers from transparent plastic and water effect, that will be added after painting. I have no idea how this will turn out. I'm hoping it will look good but who knows!?

Skids were made using plasticard, and pinned to the main structure ready for sculpting.
Turkish delight- why not!?! You've already made the Narnia connection in your head, and you're probably humming "Let it go".
I have a few bits left to finish sculpting before I can start painting. I'm super anxious to get going with this model as it's killing me not knowing how it will turn out, but the Winged Lancers and Horse Archers have to take priority first so I can get playing games in our local campaign!

Let me know your thoughts,


Ulfast said...

I like it. Really good use of new and old bits to make a very nice model :)

El_Duderino said...

That is one sweet model!
I especially like what you did with the water effect/clear plastic, it adds a lot of atmosphere :)

Unknown said...

how did you do the plastic bit, with a hair dryer ?

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