Thursday, December 4, 2014

No one Expects the Estalian Inquisition!

Recently completed a second Estalia themed commission...

Thought I'd share a bit on the process...
Concept is an Estalian themed War Altar. Client wanted use the "Spanish Inquisition" models by the very talented Victoria Lamb, I knew right away that I wanted to do something Witch Hunteresque and also make it look like it was built while on campaign.

Also wanted a bit of this in it :)

The War Wagon

Here is my first concept sketch for Client

After some discussion, we decided to dedicate the altar to the Estalian goddess of Justice, Verona. Her symbol is a Balance...

No plan survives first contact with the enemy. I did not have a good feel for the porportions of the GW war altar chassis... Here is very early WIP. Here you can see I have "de-empired" the horses. Fiddly work.

Starting to feel a theme now. Planking is coffee stirrers from local grocers

It was apparent the original arrangement of the superstructure on the rear was going to be wonky, so after clearing it with client (who said "just do what you do") I flipped the design. Here it the basic structure in plasticard.

More Planking and you also can see where I decided to move the axels apart.

Beginning the Rivet Process... Actually less time consuming than it looks. Longer wheelbase looks better too.

Do the figures fit? Check!

You can see I distressed the wood. I used a pointy tool to create some deeper grain, etc.

About the Rivets. This is the first time I used this technique to do rivets. Normally I would chop short sections of plastic rod and then futz about trying to get them glued in place. Pain in a** for sure.

This time I marked locations, drilled holes sized to fit the plastic rod and then glued the rods in place, quick trim (taller than desired height). When dry, carefully trim to desired height using sprue clippers. The clippers will produce a flat cut and a beveled cut, just ensure the flat cut is the top of the rivet. I winged the height on these, but you could easily use a strip of plastic card of correct thickness to ensure uniformity.

Here you can see the porcess. The small "bowl" is holding glue to speed the rod gluing 

Let me out!

Working out the gibbons and Reliquary


Fleshing things out, I really like the prison boxes. The Scales are charms from ebay. 

and finished...

Staircase bit was tricky, but really worth it IMHO

The Musket bit is an homage to the War Wagon of Western Fame :)

This was a blast to do, sad to see it go.  
Thanks for looking


Dennis G said...

Great Stuff. Amazing conversion.

DeanM said...

Wow! Amazing work again from you, Michael!

Michael Butcher said...


Pablo El Marques said...

A wonderful chariot
I love the mix of wood and metal
Very inspiring... ;-)

Rush said...

Would you be willing to make another one and sell it?

Michael Butcher said...

Sure, Shoot me an email

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