Thursday, December 11, 2014

Meet Jon Kerr!

Hey guys,

Some of you might recognise me as the creator of
T4G was once an upstart podcast, vidcast and blog, but over time priorities change and unfortunately the T4G podcast has slowly died. As a result, interest in the blog has waned, despite some really good content from a range of contributors. It's time to close it down for the foreseeable future. The site itself will endure, to give me somewhere to host my videos and any rules/campaign packs that I write, but the old blog will direct people here.

I recently approached Rodge to ask if I could become a Magnificent Bastards contribute and he's kindly agreed, so here I am! I'm very glad (and proud!) to be here in such esteemed company!

So, a little about myself....

I live in the north west of England, at the southernmost point of the Lake District. I have a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering- which means I'm paid fairly handsomely to pretend to do "Engineering" all day while I browse forums, twitter and write elaborate Warhammer supplements.

The company I work for designs and builds nuclear submarines. It sounds cooler than it is.

My Warhammer "career" started when I was..... 8 years old!? I picked up my first box of plastic single pose Wood Elf Archers. My best friend showed me the black and white artwork of the Wood Elf Forest Dragon. I was hooked.

16 years later.... Amusingly I actually own the ORIGINAL piece of Forest Dragon artwork by Des Hanley! It takes pride of place on my wall at home.

I currently have three armies:

The Kin-Slaver Ogre Tribe- My ogre army is themed around being slavers "working for" (or serving) the Chaos Dwarfs by capturing and enslaving anyone they can get to grips with, including their own kind. They are rewarded for their service with all manner of weapons of war, including dwarf-forged Chaos Armour, Iron-Demon steam engines, Earthshaker cannons, mechanical daemonbound Mournfang, and a few disgruntled dwarf Engineers to keep it all working.

Old School Wood Elves- I'm also working on a very long-term project, to build up a 5th edition Wood Elf army. This is my "dream" project..... the woodies were my first army as a kid, and I have way too much nostalgia for the old models. This particular Wood Elf project has been on-going for over 3 years. A sad side effect of all that nostalgia is that I want it to be PERFECT, which we all know is unachievable, and it makes this project slow and depressing as I'm never happy with the results! It's certainly a slow-burner.


Riders of the Dead- My latest project, and current obsession, is my Kislev army. I'll definitely be posting more of this in the future, but similar to the Wood Elves I'm using all the old 5th edition models with a nice modern paint style and loads of cool conversions.

Well... that's it from me for now. Sorry for the very long intro post, and I hope you guys will enjoy what I have to share in the future!

Thanks a lot,



Ryan said...

Great to have you on the community - I've seen some of these pictures floating around Twitter so I must already follow you! Keep up the good work!

Rob said...

Same here, I recognise that moth-dragon from twitter. Very cool stuff! More please!

Martin murphy said...

Great to see you start posting here john i was a big fan of the T4g podcast and i checked the blog regularly. Looking forward to see some of your stuff here

Mark Wileman said...

Long live T4G!

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