Saturday, November 1, 2014

Rogers' Hobby Desk - Episode 113

Here is a look at what I've been up to as described in Episode 113 of Point Hammered.

Got the exalted flamer done for Northstar. Went super quick with all that skin!


Also went back to complete the Firestorm spell unit filler. I did not get this one done with the original spell fillars as I really didn't like how the purple fire was turning out. It blended in too much with the armor. Went back and did the flames in a light green. Not totally happy with it but this model is the devil so I'm saying this one is done.

Got another junkyard boy done. As with each of these, whatever one I just finished last is my favorite. So this one is my current favorite. He's definitely the most beat up and junky of the bunch modeling-wise. Did some light source effects with the coils. I typically hate light source effects so this is new territory for me.


Lastly, I received my sweet ass Lammasu rider off eBay thanks to Steve Heier, Justin Salus and Jake Hunter. Huge thanks guys!!

The eBay pics didn't show this weird tube!

Some close up details...

I do have the horn which popped off during transit so no worries there. Can't wait get this baby into Golden Brush shape!


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