Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pro Painted #4

Going through my backlog of old turds, let's do it! Click here for previous installments in the Pro Painted series!

Just to reiterate my point with these posts. I am not making fun of poorly painted models (we all have to start somewhere). I am making fun of poorly painted models some boner has labeled as "pro painted" in a pathetic attempt to boost its auction value. (key difference)

That green metallic kneepad is bringing back the memories. I used that color on every model I painted from 1994 to 1996! (Also, sweet freehand shield blobs)

Goddamn, that is one fuckin sweet model!

Pros gotta dip too! Look at that pooling, ugh.

I actually like this one. It's a bit busy, but the freehand zebra (or perhaps white tiger) stripes are outstanding!

Usually I fixate on the "pro" part, but these things are barely painted! You would not be allowed to use these in a 3 color min tourney if you picked 'em up!

This thing looks identical to one of the first (and only) models my roommate Freddy painted, so I'll just assume he's felt the bug to do this for a living. Good luck with the auction, bro! (I do need the rent by the 30th, though. That's a firm date.)

70mm scale, not for gaming, just display my man!

Guest Review by The Wisco Horndog: These bewbs r hawt!

Interesting. This dipped turd of a paintjob actually has turds on the base.

Ignore the paint job for a moment. This thing has crusty dicks for arms, ballsacks for feet and an asshole for a mouth! W! T! F!

Anyways, that's it for now. If you'd like to look for some gems yourself, just use the link below. You'll see the vast majority of pro painted models are fine, so we appreciate any help sifting through 'em!

If you do find a beauty, hit us up with the link in the form below so we can get the word out!

Found an awful "pro painted" model?


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PsychosisPC said...

Isn't that Blue Table level 1?

Anonymous said...

Check out these hot pieces

Rogers said...

haha! Awesome!!

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