Thursday, November 13, 2014

Point Hammered Episode 114 Show Notes

Episode 114 has been released. Check it out!

Main Topic
Rodge continues last episode's chat with Brad to discuss the Undead Legions list in general and also answers some WAAAGH! Paca related questions on the air.

 Email of the week
Kevin McDermott is looking for advice on bretonnians and bastardly land schemes!
Voicemail of the week
Johnny Crass gives us his two cents on rankings!

Event of the week
Northstar! Hear how Rodge stacked up at this event.
Click here to view his 2200 point demon list.

Johnny's current audiobook
Rodge's current audiobook
 Johnny's current obsession

Rodge's current obsession
Finally the gods see fit to remove cock from ass!
Johnny's music pick

Johnny's Point Hammered history
Rodge's blog pick

Johnny's army theme 'o the week
Desert Themed High Elves, see failed HE Army Link Above

Phone an HPB
We give the old coot a ring to see how his ass did at Northstar.

 Rodge's cheapass hidden hobby dollars recap

Question of the Month
What glorious army projects of yours have never seen the light of day? We want to know!

Let us know your thoughts on this question, the podcast or anything else by leaving comments below or contacting us through one of the following!!

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@hammered_rodge (Rodge)


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