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Midnight Legion goes to Merry Mayhem - Tournament Recap


The line-up of the Most Merry!

Merry Mayhem is a 3 game 1 day tournament in Madison, WI.  It's a great time with a lot of merry fellows and is run by THE MERRIEST - Conesy.  The picture above was 7 of the most merry that we cheered on and Mrs. Conesy made the final choice.  Our very own Mike Gerold won the most Merry for his amazing tree and present costume complete with working lights and Christmas music.

Unfortunately he took this off when I played him!

Without further adieu, my list:

 Midnight Legion

Alarielle the Radiant
Noble BSB with GW and Armor of Caledor
Mage - L1 Metal with Scroll

15 Archers SB, MU
15 Archers SB, MU
12 Lothern Sea Guard SB, MU

25 Sword Masters with Full Command and BotWD

Great Eagle
Great Eagle
Frostheart Phoenix
Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower
Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower

GAME 1 vs Robert Elmer and his Undead Legions

Merry mayhem wasn't playing the new % rules, but was allowing the Undead Legions and Lore of Undeath.  My opponent's list:

Vampire Lord - L4, Lore of Undeath, Beguile, Dread Knight, Fear Incarnate, Armor of Destiny, Quickblood, Aura of Dark Majesty, Sword of Might.
Tomb Banshee
Tomb Banshee
Necromancer - Dispel Scroll, Lore of Vamps
Vampire - Talisman of Preservation, Beguile, Dread Knight, Aura of Dark Majesty, Lore of Vamps

37 Skeleton Warriors  FC, Screaming Banner
38 Skeleton Warriors FC
5 Dire Wolves
5 Dire Wolves

Casket of Souls
Screaming Skull Catapult
Spirit Host

This was my first game against the Lore of Undeath and Undead legions so I was pretty excited for it until I saw that he had a Terrorgheist, multiple hexwraiths, Crypt horrors, etc waiting in the wings to come out to play....then I was a little nervous haha

Scenario here was Dawn Attack but you didn't have to roll for fortitude and characters and we still did alternate deployment.  This was about capturing terrain; +3 for controlling more than opponent and +1 (up to 4) for controlling pieces of terrain.

A picture of the game, looks like bottom of turn 2

In this game I was able to roll dwellers, but proceeded to have winds of magic of 2, 3, 3 and 4 so never cast it until turn 5.  However, it wasn't needed as the Frosty and shooting went to work early and the Swordmasters did the rest.

So my shooting was able to eliminate the threat of the dire wolves early and then tried to eliminate the war machines for the most part after that. Based on line of sight sometimes I shot up some skeles. In the bottom of turn 1 my opponent summoned 5 hexwraiths, but due to his positioning the Frosty was able to charge and wipe them out in my turn.  Then in his turn he screamed with a banshee and rolled an 11 doing 3 wounds to the frostheart due to the -1 leadership aura.  He also charged with the Hierotitan but Frosty ground it out over a couple turns.  The game swung in my favor when I finally got the Swordmasters into the Vamp Lord's unit.  Alarielle giving her unit magical attacks killed the banshee and the lord having the sword of might made it just unfair.  Got the unit of 40 down to just 8 after one round of combat and crumble.  The vamp was able to get another unit of 5 hexwraiths up in the following turn before he died, but once again they were in position for the Frostheart to charge and he did and ate them up.

In the final turn I cast dwellers on the last skeleton unit and the vamp lord rolled a 6 and was killed.  Also likely half of the skeletons were wiped but we didn't roll since he called the game.  I never did kill the spirit host, but it finally got into some archers and was able to grind them out by the end of the game.

Dwellers Tab: 1 Vampire and 20 Skeletons

GAME 2 vs Mike Gerold the most Merry and his Daemons of Tzeentch (and by his I mean Broeska's)

Lord of Change - Lore of Metal, Wand of Whimsy
Blue Scribes

10 Pink Horrors - SB, Blue Fire
10 Pink Horrors - SB, Treason of Tzeentch
10 Pink Horrors - SB, Fire Storm
10 Pink Horrors - SB, Infernal Gateway!!

3 Screamers
3 Screamers
3 Screamers
6 Furies of Tzeentch
6 Furies of Tzeentch
5 Furies of Tzeentch 
(actually not sure if they're Tzeentch, they looked tzeentch but no mark associated on list)

Burning Chariot of Tzeentch
Burning Chariot of Tzeentch

Woh...so this list was crazy and actually kind of scary when I looked at it and we found out that he did roll up Final Transmutation to worry my Swordmasters.  I was likely not going to be able to catch anything he didn't want me to and he could get screamers and furies into my archers which would be poor match ups unless they came in one unit at a time.

I will say sorry to Mike G as when I finally did get Alarielle within 12" of some daemons I totally forgot about her special rule.  All units within 12" of her take D6 S4 hits at the start of the turn, but I suffer -D3 to my casting attempts.  I offered to let him choose whether we go back or let the magic phase stand but he chose to dice it and it stood. That's what I get for not getting practice games in.

For this game I did roll up dwellers, but considering his list I chose to take awakening of the wood instead of trying to take down the LoC with dwellers.  I figured I would need to run down some horrors for points rather than spinning around trying to dwellers the LoC.

On to the game.  This one was the perfect tree.  There was a tree in the center of the table and the major objective was have the most fortitude within 12" and you could get up to +4 for each point of fortitude you had near it.  The game could also end after turn 4.

This was meeting engagement and Mike deployed first and had screamers and furies start off.  I had both Bolt Throwers and my L1 Metal mage with scroll start off the board...damn.

First turn Mike did a good job of positioning giving me very few good options to bring my bolt throwers on and wrapped around my flanks hoping to get to my back lines.  His LoC hid behind the forest and after rolling a 2-2 for the magic dice and channeling twice he 6 diced boosted Final Tran and although he didn't IF I had no scroll on the table so BAM there goes 12 swordmasters.  Luckily my characters survived.

Swordmaster Block after 1 Final Trans!

In my turn 1 I decided my opponent was too good to make a mistake with the LoC so I marched 10" forward at the Horror blocks.  My frostheart positioned himself to go after horrors as well while my Eagles prepared to help support archers and bolt throwers since nothing in his army could be redirected by them.  In my turn 1 shooting (or maybe magic) saw me able to bring down one of the Chariots right away.

After this the charges started coming in from the flying models.  Throughout the next couple turns my swordmasters and frostheart charged and killed furies and horrors while his screamers and furies charged my bolt throwers, archers and sea guard.  He did get a second final trans off on my block but only managed to kill 3 swordmasters.  I had burned my scroll on a huge roll of gateway on the frostheart and couldn't lose him that early.

This is top of turn 1 I believe

The game looked bad early, but I passed a Leadership 4 break check with the Lothern Sea Guard who had screamers to the front and rear.  This allowed me to charge the rear screamers with my 15 archers and an eagle.  This saved the L1 metal and got me both units of screamers.  I also lucked out the turn before that as he had a juicy flame template shot on my archers.  When Mike laid it down I was like oh shit it has a breath weapon...but apparently it fires like a salamander and Mike rolled a 10 and it missed the entire unit!

In the end I was able to get a minor victory as neither of us scored many points but I did have 2 fortitude near the center and so got 5/7 objective points.  It was a really fun game and definitely had some unlucky things happen for him or it could have easily been a draw.  Then again the game did end on turn 4 which kept me from getting 1-2 more horror units, but it also meant he couldn't try and final trans me again.

17/22 - 39/44
Dwellers Tab: 1 Vampire and 20 Skeletons

GAME 3 vs Chris Walker and his mixed Warriors of Chaos

After having beaten one Twisted Trooper with HE he had the joy of playing another with HE!

Demon Prince of Nurgle - L4 Death, Soul Feeder, Scaled Skin, Charmed Shield, DragonBane Gem
Exalted Hero of Tzeentch - Disc, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Pres, Third Eye of Tzeentch

5 Marauder Horsemen of Slaanesh - SB, MU, Spear, LA
5 Hellstriders of Slaanesh - MU, SB, Spears
12 Warriors of Nurgle - MU, SB, Shield
5 Warhounds - Vanguard

Hell Cannon
Hell Cannon

Chaos Chariot of Slaanesh
Chaos Chariot of Slaanesh
Gorebeast Chariot of Slaanesh

In this game the objectives were to sing a merry tune, and for each point of fortitude lost you could sing and it would be like you didn't lose it for breaking point.  Up to 4 points for each point of fortitude you took from your opponent that he had to sing for.

I did roll dwellers again for this game and my opponent rolled two snipe spells, doom and darkness and purple sun (for the Frostheart I think).

I was able to gain the first turn and I had a good time giving Walker a hard time on his own right flank while he was vanguarding.  Since it was blood and glory he had to deploy 9" away from the side.  he then vanguarded up to within about 8" of my eagle so I had him back up.  Then he did the same with his hellstriders.  So when he had to back up he chose to not vanguard with the dogs and placed them back, but back in a position about 5" from the board edge.  So I said they would still count as vanguarding.  So then he chose to vanguard them up the full 12 again in which I then had to tell him he was within 12" of my eagle again.  This went back and forth but was really funny...at least to me as he continued to forget about one limit or the other but limits that are usually not effecting vanguards.

Well in game 2 I chose not to take dwellers as I wasn't going to go for the hail mary.  In this game I chose to keep it to try and get a chariot or hell cannon or DP as my shooting wasn't likely to do it.  first turn I marched up with Alarielle and got within 24".  I rolled dwellers on the Demon Prince and he let it go.  He proceeded to roll a 6.  Unfortunately for me the tournament allowed the purchase of re-rolls.  He was able to re-roll it...into a 6!!!  So down went Nurgle Prince on top of turn 1.  A huge threat eliminated as doom and darkness hell cannon could have been bad for my swordmaster block.

After that he put pressure on my two flanks while I put pressure up the middle with the swordmasters.  I wasn't able to kill or shoot down the hellstriders fast enough and 2 of them got into a bolt thrower, killed it and then hid for the remainder of the game.  I was able to shoot down the dogs on the left flank and the marauder horsemen on the right flank, but the nurgle warriors slowly (due to march block) went down my right flank.  Eventually he charged and I fled almost to the board edge.  After rallying late game with the 15 archers I cast flesh to stone on them which meant he didn't go for the charge to get the points in bottom of turn 6.

Sometime in turn 2 I cast a normal searing doom and took out a normal chariot which was the only thing I could threaten them with really once the BT's went down.  The other two hid behind a building and avoided the SM's for the remainder of the game.

Other happenings on the left saw the BSB fly around and killed a bolt thrower but after I had hit him with a bolt thrower single shot and he hit his 3+ ward save I knew he didn't have flame protection.  So before he charged in and wiped my seaguard and L1 metal mage I turned my Lothern Sea guard around and 6 diced boosted searing doom.  I cast it irresistibly and rolled up 8 hits.  All 8 hits wounded on 2+ and he rolled 2 2's and pop went the BSB.  Unfortunately shortly after this amazing feat by the L1 metal a hell cannon rampaged into them and wiped them out.

In the final turn of the game I got into one of the other hell cannons with the swordmasters, but Chris was able to make enough dwarf and ward saves to end the game with 1 wound and 0 dwarves left.

Final tally was a 241 point victory for the elves.  I received 3 objective points for him having sung 3 times for fortitude and the major objective.

18/22 - 57/66
Dwellers Tab - 1 vampire, 20 Skeletons and a Nurgle Demon Prince
I had a hat that lit up but never got a picture of myself with it on...the tie plays Christmas music

Final results came in and Eric West was able to beat me by 1 point overall for the Merritar (a merry scimitar), but I ended up as Best General of Light.  A pretty solid showing for the Twisted Troop coming in 1st and 2nd.

Tournament Champion: Eric West – High Elves
Champion of Light and 2nd overall: Ryan Nicol – High Elves
Champion of Darkness: Dustin Vogel – Orcs and Goblins
Bringer of Balance: Chris Broeska – Ogre Kingdoms
Champion of the Brush: Johnny Hastings
Da Good Fella: Andrew Niekamp
The Wooden Spoon: Robert Elmer

***Wow so I just looked at scenario 3 details to figure out exactly how Minor Objectives were scored and you didn't have to make them sing it was just remove 4 fortitude or make them sing.  So in game 3 I would have got max objectives [General (2), BSB (1), Marauder Horsemen (1) total of (4)] and won Best Overall on tiebreaker of battle.***

Congrats to Eric on his victory.  He did beat me the night before in a practice game so I guess I'm not too upset about not calculating my points correctly.

Chris should have gotten an additional point as well for the Sea Guard as I never sang for them but it was a second point of fortitude that he got.

All in all the tournament was a blast and for a one day tournament Conesy really puts on a good show.  Food was served and was delicious and the bar was selling beer super cheap I overheard multiple comments about it from the attendees.  Only bad thing was I had to pay cash which meant I had to cut myself off early as I ran out!  I'll be better prepared next year and I'll leave you with a few additional pics I took of armies.  Really wish I would have taken more SORRY!

 Haha it look like that middle Swordmaster is looking up at his big brother.
John Wenger's Slaanesh Warriors


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