Monday, November 24, 2014

Alarielle for Merry Mayhem

Twas the month before (Merry) Mayhem and across the hobby mat,
the green stuff was bending and the paint brush went splat. 
I in my glowing snow hat had dreams,
that Alarielle the radiant cast dwellers and beams.

In preparation for Merry Mayhem I wanted to do something a little different but hadn't the time nor desire to paint up a bunch of cavalry or another special infantry unit to run so other than bringing demons I wanted to mix it up with the elves a bit.  So instead of my usual L4 Mage with high magic I decided that I should work on that mage conversion I've been wanting to do and get her ready for Merry Mayhem so she could be my Alarielle!

The base model is the Dark Elf Sorceress seen here

I briefly looked at her rules to see which items she was carrying and knew I needed a staff and that was about all that would really show up.  Since I usually ran High magic I was planning on running all life so needed some things to make her look like she was really the Lady of Avelorn and a life mage.  I gathered a few ideas from her actual image which you can see above and went to work.

 A few of the conversions in progress.

In this first picture you can see a lot of the work I've done already:

1. Replaced the top of the staff with the middle portion of a staff from the Dragon Mage kit and then the piece on top was from a staff from the Mage/CavMage kit.

2. I carved off her evil looking crown and replaced it with the eternity symbol from the new Eternal Guard kit.  I smoothed it together and leveled off the parts I chopped off.

3. Added a braid to her hair to add a small sense of nobility to the untamed mane of hair that she has.  The braid also came from the eternal guard kit.

4. Her outstretched arm appeared perfect for her to be shooting out roots to force some Strength tests so that is exactly what I did.  I channeled my inner Rodge rolled out some tentacles and wrapped them around her arm.  Chopped part of one off and had it shooting out of her hand.  Then went back and smoothed it out to look like it was part of the original vine.

5.  Used some brass etched leaves to cover up the original belt

6.  Made an even longer tentacle and once it had hardened I wove it around her leg and staff.  This was quite the process.  I first glued the end to her boot and let it dry.  Then after each coil I glued it again to her leg or staff as I went up with the final last bit being glued to the head of the staff.  It took holding tweezers in both hands to work the vine through her hair and around the staff but it turned out looking great!

 Here is a picture after some additional work and the base was added

7. Took two tentacles and braided them together before gluing them on as a belt.

8. Added leaves to the vine crawling along her staff

9. Add fur to the front and back of her skirt.  I did this so she will fit in better with my new HE army I have been working on.

10. Green stuff the belt so it looks like it is connected.

11. Green stuff bra so it looks less evil and is more modest...she is the Everqueen after all.

Work in Process Paint - Originally was going to do a Blood Red Orb at top

The Final Colors were chosen based on my new army colors as opposed to the old, but it was good for her to stand out at Mayhem too right?  Plus she was Alarielle, she doesn't wear the same colors as the Midnight Legion anyway.


greggles said...

This is some great conversion work. Your skin tones are really nice. I like how the green stuff really enhanced the model and gave her great character.

Ryan said...

Thanks Greg - was a really fun project and seemed to come together really well. Only piece I wish I would have done a little better was the fur. It ended up being too small so was hard to pick out when painting. Needed longer hair clumps I think.

greggles said...

Can always revisit that in the future! Super glue is a magical thing :).

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