Saturday, October 11, 2014


If you've listened to the Pointhammered podcast, you may have gathered that we have a new Gorkamorka campaign going on. Well this time around I reckon I'll still be the whipping boy of the group, but I'm going to go my own way. I went with the Muties! I've taken a little break from my O&G army project to work on a little something for these guys, so I thought I'd share.

So a little tiny bit about the Muties. Essentially, they're a crashed Imperial ship, and all the crew/inhabitants have been exposed to radiation over generations and mutated. They've also forgotten who they were, and what their mission was. In game, they ride beasts rather than vehicles so they have some sweet rules for gettin 'round. They also have access to some snazzy tech, and while they can't go to da doc like Ork mobs, they can get weapon upgrades and technology to make them more reliable and durable. Downside is that everything is a bit pricey, so your mob is pretty small. I have 5 models to start with.
We've had one game weekend so far, and after 2 games I had 0 wins, but possibly the highest mob rating because nothing really bad happened to me. The Mob is tricky to play, it's definitely hit-and-run style. I have to be mindful of the scenario objectives perhaps more than anyone else because numbers will never be in my favor.
On to the model! I'm converting this mob from scratch like a fool. So far I have a box of Kroot Carnivores, a box of Seekers of Slaanesh, and a small pile of random 40k bits from some Acon grab bag or another. So far I've just got some bags on the beast, a hood and some wraps on the rider. I think this will be one of my basic Snagas (regular bros for Muties come in two flavors, Snagas and Unks. I'll let you figure which ones are the big guys.), but it could become a character type before I'm done.

None of the greenstuff areas are done yet, still have plenty of rags to go. The hood has a nice base but needs some building up.

I'm going to make him a bit hunchbacked, so I've started building up the greenstuff for that. I also need to build up the GS pouch on this side a bit.

I'm going to need to add some straps and patches to this larger bag to throw off the shape a bit, the top flap isn't how I wanted it. I did this one first, so I got a bit ahead of myself. Oh well.

So, I pretty much never use greenstuff, I'm not at all confident with it. Which is precisely why I took on this project. Can't get better at it it IF I never try, right? Thanks for looking everyone!


The Venerable Bede said...

I've never played GorkaMorka (as a far younger man I have memories of a friend having the box set, but never actually playing a proper game), but it would be cool if you guys produced some picture battle reports from your games. Is that something that any of you have considered doing? (I'm aware it's a bit of an effort!)

Dai said...

Gorkamorka was second only to Necromunda. So much fun. Loved running down humies in my truks.

Mr Saturday said...

Muties were my mob of choice too, as well as diggas. Luckily my local GW had a big sale back in the day, and I picked up every Gorkamorka model ever made for about €30. It was a happy day.

Unknown said...

For not being a regular user of the GS ... it all looks pretty good! I share your trepidations about that mysterious green goo. But, like you said -- no getting better w/o giving it a shot.

Rogers said...

We'll get some game pics up as soon as Jayjack is done painting these honkies!

Michael Butcher said...

Looking good!

Matt Jayjack said...

Thanks folks! Rodge gave me some GS tips this weeknd, and I'm sure I'll get more soon since I plan to bother Butch about as well. I'll get back to work on him probably a little this week, but I'll get going full speed on the whole mob after Northstar, or after my Northstar army is done if there's enough time in between.

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