Monday, October 13, 2014

Mr. Epidemius goes to Screw City

Legio Pestivoro at Screw City GT this past weekend...

Screw City was a blast, it was great to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

I overachieved and went 4-1 and finished 11th overall! I also won Best Painted, Players Choice, and "King of the Monsters" for my Soul Grinder. Ran Epidemius themed list with no magic users.

Legio Pestivoro @ 3K

Nurgle Soul Grinder:  Frankly, I really was not a big fan of the Soul Grinder coming into SCGT. I usually do not use a monster at all. Turned out that the "Nurgrinder" was an absolute stud vs. most monsters and perfect for the 4 of 5 secnarios. Hero of the tournament for me, well aside from Epidemius (who is just plain nasty). 

Rear End (pole is for wound markers)

Game 1 vs. Orks (Mike McG) From Indiana! 

Fun Game, went south for Mike pretty quickly. I managed to kill his lvl 4 mage turn 2, and then the Nurgrinder deep struck (scenario shenanigans) behind his lines. Win for the Legion...  

Game 2 vs. Empire (Miel Vermeulen

I have known Miel for years (as a great player) but never have played against him. He ran empire with the Turmukhan Empire Lord (L4 Death) on Dragon, Shadow Mage (L2 Shadow) Necro Colossus, huge Inner Circle Knight bus (with BSB and 2 Warrior Priests), Small unit of stubborn knights, Small unit of Halberdiers and 3 Cannon (and I think that's it :) ).  Used tournament re-roll to get first turn and shot the dragon out from underneath the Lord who joined the Halberdiers in his next turn. 

Nurgrinder (using the Daemonbone Claw) and Skull Cannon took out the Necro Colossus and I managed to run down the small Halberdiers Unit with Lord and Mage in it, which put his army to breaking point.  Miel was unlucky on some rolls, win for the Legion. 

Game 3 vs. Dark Elves (Jake Murphy-Twisted Troop-Best DE Player)

Second Game vs Jake, same result: Big Loss. Great Player and a ton of fun to play against. Awesome looking army with tons of attention to detail. Never played against Blood Cauldron/Witch Elf horde before. I managed to kill some stuff until I foolishly charged into the Blood Cauldron gristmill... I'd love to play this game again sometime now that I know that unit is a chainsaw. Fun game, loss for the Legion. 

Game 4 vs. Warriors of Chaos (Grant Fetter-WCW)

First time playing Grant Fetter. List was hard as nails with Archaon, Ambushing Wulfrik with horde of Marauders,l 2 Chimerae, and 2 Hellcannons.  Apparently I was using the Other, Other Tricksters Shard on him and his dice. First turn, Archaon miscast Purple Sun at my BSB and Epidemius (who both - with the aid of Tournament re-roll- passed their Init tests) and was lost to the warp, even after he tried to use his tournament re-roll. Later in the game Wulfrik and posse appeared in my rear; I charged him with Epidemius' small unit. Wulfrik challenges Epidemius (at +1 Str due to Tally); who proceeded to kill the Chaos Worldwalker like a boss. 

Great game, Grant was a awesome even with his misfortunes. My vote for Best Sportsman. Win for the Legion.

Game 5 vs. High Elves (Eric West-Twisted Troop-Top HE Player)

(No picture, sorry)

Epic Game vs. Eric. Greek themed High Elves. Absolutely beautiful army. He ran a Dragon Mage, Frost and Ice Phoenixes, Big Block of Dragon Knights (with BOTWD and BSB), Lvl 4 Metal Mage, Bucket of Archer Units, 2 Bolt throwers, and some Light cav/scouting units.

For three turns everything went Eric's way, I mean everything aside for my killing the dragon out from underneath the Dragon Mage; Charmed shield saved her. He destroyed all my chaff units, etc. and I managed to do next to nothing to him. turned my way. Managed to break the BOTWD unit with combat res. and then get into his lines. Turning point of game was Plague Drones (standard bearer left of unit of 3 and with only one wound left) vs Frost Phoenix. Phoenix whiffs vs Drone; who in turn does one wound to the Phoenix. Phoenix flees and Drone run it down. This turned out to be the difference between a tie and a win for me. Eric was wonderful throughout and I would like to play him again sometime. 

Whew, awesome weekend! Count me in for next year!


Rogers said...

Nice work, bud! Very cool to see the finished 3k displayed!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great game Butcher, that Cauldron + Witch Elves is a brutal unit for Nurgle Daemons to deal with, next time you'll know :) Congrats on all the hardware, well deserved!

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks! I'm looknig forward to N* with the build I'm running this time, none of those pansy mages for me. ;)

Matt Jayjack said...

Nice work Mike!

PigsVomit said...

Absolutely amazing. Looks great!

Domus said...

Well deserved wins on all fronts. Congrats Mike! I know you were really happy with your tabletop performance so kudos on that as well!

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks! @Domus: Indeed, it was scary playing on the lofty tables at the end... :)

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