Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hoarders Display Base

So in addition to building, making custom bases, converting, and painting an army in 2 weeks time I also decided to make a display base at the very last minute.  I did have a rough draft idea to work from but I ended up going a slightly different way.  Rough idea...

I had it all laid out in the pink styrofoam.  After seeing a tweet from Brandon Palmer on twitter I decided to go shopping for a round wooden disc.  I happened upon a 18" disc for $6.  Perfect!!!  (*forgot a pic!)

Step 1
Layout the Design - I drew the lines and the center square first.  Then I set my minis down on the lines and traced the bases outlines.  I didn't take a good pic without models on it but here is the idea.

Step 2

Create the coin texture.  I already knew I wasn't in love with how I created my coin texture.  I didn't want to waste a ton of greenstuff on a display base I would potentially later move away from.  Thankfully, I had a ton of sculpey never getting used. 

So, I sectioned off and numbered the display base, cut / shaped the sculpy to fit and then stamped the texture in.  I then numbered each section and off to the oven I went.  Looks like I was making dresses!!

Step 3
After the sculpey baked and cured it was simply a matter of gluing down each section correctly and making trims as necessary.  Always, always, always number stuff in hobby projects folks.  Even if it means getting out some white paint.  I then came back in with greenstuff and filled in the gaps / missing sections.  Quick and easy.

Priming and painting it should be a breeze.  I will post up painted pics of the entire army and display sometime next week.

Thanks for looking!



DeanM said...

Looking good; always nice to display great looking figures

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