Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hoarders Basing

So, the big concept was not only a bunch of dragons, but a bunch of dragons nesting on a treasure horde!

I did a ton of research for how to make the treasure horde look right.  In fact, it delayed the project for quite some time until I could figure it out.

I reached out to some fellas who I know to be madly in love with theming armies like me for some suggestions.

They had some great advice involving cutting up rods, pressmoulding, etc...

I highly recommend always reaching out to other hobbyists if you are stuck in how to do something for the hobby.   Lots and lots of experience out there and most folks are happy to help.

I also found some treasure type miniatures from Reaper that I could try.

I tried cutting up some plastic rod to get the effect.   I really took issue with a) the time it would take to cut up what I needed and b) the inconsistent thicknesses.  Very frustrating.

I did find a much better solution.  Sheer dumb lucked my way into it in fact which is my favorite kind.  My wife asked me to get her something from her hobby drawer in the basement and that was where I found my solution.

Which creates these little fellas, too make the Hoarders!  Standing on piles and piles of gold coins.

Step 1
Make a base to create a press mould.

Step 2 
Use the cool mini or not Instant mould to produce this. I later trimmed off the edges so it was exactly a 50x50 press mould.

Step 3
Roll out copious amounts of GS.

Step 4
I cut up the rolled out GS into sections and applied it to my bases.

Step 5

Here are some samples of the finished product.  I realized, after the fact, that I should be doing this in small sections at a time rather than all at once.  Doing it all at once created some weird lines and some areas that just look garbled.  I can do a few things to address this - glue some freshly punched coins over any rough areas.  Or add shields / gems / swords / vases, etc.. to the base to cover those areas.

My hobby desk is completely unorganized.  Some day I will address that.  lol. 

I'm not in love with my results, they were just okay.  The big part of the issue though is that I should have done this process slowly.  Stamp an area, let it cure, rinse and repeat.  Rushing the process provided okay enough results but not the level of detail I wanted as the "stamp" overlapped already stamped areas creating some murky textures.  If I choose to continue working on this army to a higher standard I will be shaving off the greenstuff and starting over.

Chalking this one up as a great learning experience.  I'm not at all upset with this though.  Sometimes you have to push forward and come out the other side.  I wanted to get some new toys on the table fast for an event and I will have done that.  I also have a side-bet going so I wanted to avoid picking up Ryan Nicols Friday night Paca beer tab!! lol



Rogers said...

This is a really cool idea!! Interesting way to execute it as well.

Gotta get the little guy clipping coins for ya! $5 per bucketfull seems fair.

Rogers said...

BTW, I'd recomend apoxie sculpt for building up bases. Cheaper than GS.

PigsVomit said...

That's a great idea and really nice execution! Good luck on your army!

Domus said...


I did use the old Apoxie Sculpt to build up the bases first and then thinly layered GS over that to stamp details.

I absolutely think that using only punched coins would give me the look I want but I lack a nerd apprentice. Is yours available for rent?

Unknown said...

What size is that punch? It's the perfect size!! I may be stealing this for a Mordheim warband.

Lasgunpacker said...

Very cool, and particularly suited for a dragon or similar creature.

The vases/armor/swords idea of covering the seams is a great idea too, and transforms it from "coin pile" to "dragon hoard".

Ryan said...

Looks like you're going to finish your 3 color minimum by screw city. Congratulations, glad I could give you the extra motivation you would need. Just my beer alone was likely going to run in the neighborhood of $50

Domus said...

I will try and measure that punch and get back to you.

Thanks again Ryan!

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