Monday, October 20, 2014

Grimgorz Grimy Ladz, Update 3

It's been a full week since my last update, what progress have I made?
Well I had to admit defeat last night and call in the big gunz (aka my wife) to help with a few tasks while I finish up the painting. She's already flocked most of the bases, added a few basing details to break up the flatness, and built me a display board. Otherwise, I've finished up all the assembly work and I'm damn near done with the painting, too.
Basing redux: With the unit on it's tray, some tufts and leaf scatter were added over the flock. We did it all together to minimize how much stuff had to be added on and to identify some of the blank spots in the unit. Of course, the unit won't always be put together this way on the tray after every game, but them's the breaks. Should be ok for all units, though I doubt we bother doing it for all but the front of Da Immortulz. Those models are just too tightly packed for it to be noticeable.

So it's not a lot extra, but I think it breaks things up decently.

This week saw all Da Immortulz clipped and put on bases and I ditched the metal giant to refurb my plastic one. Pretty easy task, just swap a hand, and a quick reprime. Went with the plastic one because the metal giant has more details. That would be a lot slower, plus I'm saving it for a proper paint job.
 Paint wise, I finished all 10 spider riders, 2 wolf chariots, 2 spear chukkas, a doom diver, 4 fanatics and the remaining 31 Black Orcs.

The whole Shebang as it stands. It's a lot closer than it was 3 weeks ago!

Tasks remaining:
Paint the Giant
Paint the Objective Gobbo
Paint/Flock/whatever the display board
Create Namecard
Spray everything with Dullcote
Drink a Blatz, maybe a Hamms
Go to Northstar
Win it all

I'll get one more post in before I head out to MN with everything finished.


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