Monday, October 13, 2014

Grimgorz Grimy Ladz, Update 2

I don't always drink 'umie beer, but wen I do, I drinkz da Blatz. (Rodge here: Blatz is the new Pabst!)

I updated the army name to Grimgorz Grimy Lads. It rolls off the tongue a bit better. I've had some stuff come up lately so missed out on some days of productivity, but I'm still enough on schedule not to worry. I also haven't posted my update recently, so here's a quick one.

I have managed to finish up the NG bow unit, even based them. Now I had planned on using a similar coffee/tea basing mix as I have in the past, but I didn't let it dry enough and it got moldy. So emergency backup plan is some old school flocking. I'm going to stick with just this for now, but if I have time at the end I'll go back over all the units and break up the flatness some with leaf scatter and tufts. At this point, however, simply being done is the goal.

Here's a quick before/after pic, so you can get some idea of what happens with the dip if you're not familiar with it. I use Minwax Polyshades (Antique Walnut) for my dip, as it's a bigger can for a ton cheaper than any dip specific product like that from Army Painter and such(that I know of). I don't know about the others, but the Polyshades is a real varnish, so it gives you a super tough finish. Really resistant to scratches, chips, etc. It is super shiny though, so I spray the models with Testors Dullcote to finish them off.

Now we get to the big shot, here's progress as it stands, assembly and painting:

To date for assembly:
107 Night Goblins
10 Black Orcs (Inc Grimgor)
10 Spider Riders
2 Wolf Chariots
2 Spear Chukkas
Doom Diver

83 Night Goblins
10 Black orcs
Feels like I fell behind a bit, but I'll catch up this week.

There's a metal Giant in the mix here that I got painted. I'm planning on stripping it and repainting just so it matches, but I'll count it in once I actually work on it.
So I typically spend 1.5-2hrs a night working on these bros. I typically paint 10 per batch, and some nights I do nothing at all. One of my goals with this is not just to get the army painted up ok and in time for the event, but also not to have to closet myself away, avoiding people and sleep to get it done. This is probably the 3rd or 4th time I've painted a 200+ point army for an event in under 30 days, so I've got a bit of a method now. I have a pretty strict process that I follow starting before I even write the list that keeps things running in a timely fashion. Maybe someday I'll write something up giving my thoughts on the matter. Maybe not. Who knows?


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