Thursday, October 23, 2014

Grimgorz Grimy Ladz, Da Finish!

So, I'm done. It's 2 days before Northstar and I'm done. It was a ton of stuff to do, and I needed some help in the end, but it's all done. Let's take a final look, shall we?

Characters: Grimgor, NG Warboss, NG BSB, NG Shaman (The version of the list I intended to send had a Great Shaman and Big Boss. I sent the wrong one. It's going to hurt)

Who doesn't love Night Goblins? I have a 10x6 tray as well, but I figure the 8x8 is better. Some bros with bows to sit in a building maybe, and some fanatics to round it out.

Da Immortulz! Needed for Grimgor, they're ok. Grimgor really gives them a boost but they need to get stuck in quicker than what I can usually manage. They were supposed to have shields, which I like when Grimgor is around, but wrong list woes again.

Chaff! That's really all there is to it.

Shootin at stuff. The Doom Diver clearly the best of the lot. If I had 2, I'd take them but this is what I had on hand for the project. I love Giants, but I expect he'll do his usual, have one good performance then be a waste for the other 4 games.

All together now! Everything fits nice, and not too much to carry.

So here's a count, characters are just part of the units for this as I didn't do much special:

87 Night Goblins
40 Black Orcs
10 Spider Riders
2 Wolf Chariots
2 Spear Chukkas
1 Doom Diver
1 Giant
1 Objective Marker

So 144 Models, if we count 1-1. If we take war machine/chariot crew to be separate (and they are), with cav as 2 models(in this case, not really, but normally yes), and monsters as 2 or more, then we get 158.
Time involved was 31 days, at an average of 2 hours a day, probably. I didn't keep strict track of anything, but I know that the Night Goblins were done in batches of 10 at ~1.5 hrs a batch. The Black Orcs were pretty similar. Everything else was smaller batches but a pretty similar time for each batch, but there were days I tried to do multiple batches and after the first, the time per batch slowed. This counts prep work like cleaning and assembly, and also painting. Most of the models had no prep work done prior or needed a small amount of modifying to fit, like clipping the tabs on the BOs. Basing was largely done by my awesome wife, as was making the display board. She also did the final painting on the board. So add in 5 hours for that, and we end up around 67hrs for the whole project, which pans out a little under 0.5 hrs per model.
This is by no means a masterpiece. I don't say that to denigrate myself or anyone else, just to be honest about what I wanted from this project vs. the time spent on it. The goals were modest, the effort reasonable, and the outcome is what I was shooting for. I'm happy with how everything turned out so I call this one a definite success.
I hope you all enjoyed following along, it certainly helped keep me motivated to post my progress. Next up, I have my Muties to work on for Gorkamorka. Then I'll start a new army. One that I can work on s l o w l y. This speed stuff stresses me out!


Rob said...

Very cool. Looks great, especially considering the time spent per mini.
Also, as they say, quantity has a quality of its own

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