Thursday, October 23, 2014


Just completed a really fun commission.

Goal was Estalian Themed Ogre to use as a unit filler.

After getting some guidance and images on the desired theme, I started to work. Normally I will do a sketch first, but in this case I had a very clear idea of what was wanted as well as concept of what it was going to look like.  As I went through the build, I shared pictures with my client to ensure we were on the same sheet of music.

Here you can see the modifications I made to the basic Ogre Model. Pretty much everything will be covered with GS aside from the thighs, head and hands.

You see the start of the Iconic Conquistador Helmet and I added height by pinning in some risers (in order to make space for the tallish boots...). Sword is a "placeholder".  I was also determined to not have the freehand be balled fist :)

Further Progress. Having a set of proper silicon tipped clay shapers is essential IMHO to do this kind of work... Be patient and let the work you done cure before moving on (lesson learned the hard way)

Breast Plate coming along nicely. Rivets are sliced plastic rod and then sanded carefully down to smooth out, etc.

"Ogre in Boots" Boots were a bit tricky, but I think I was able to carry off the look okay.

Arrrrgh, I've lost my hands! You can see the pins I use to hold the hands in place. Pinning is absolutely necessary to ensure strong joins and a playable model.

Almost Done

I've added Vest, sleeves, cuffs and poofy shoulders. each was done in separate sculpting session. I also decided to remove the existing mustache and give him a proper soul patch. 

Also added a pistol and a ring to hold sword (scabbard would be way to big and detract from the model.

Detail work on the back and holster. Indented shaping on shoulders was done with a Burnishing tool.

Something not right with sword though...


 Slight change to sword and now I'm happy

Went with a pony tail vs. flowing locks, more appropriate to the theme and model

All primered and ready to in the mail...

This was absolute blast to do and I really enjoyed getting to know the player who going use the model in his Army. Looks like I will building a themed War Altar next :).

I love doing these type of commissions; I get a chance to do "something  completely different" and practice and learn new techniques at the same time.

Thanks for looking


Matt Jayjack said...

Nice work! It's handy to see the stages on the converting/sculpting side, gives me some ideas for my Muties.

Stylus said...

Great conversion - it is destined to be a filler for Pizarro's Lost Legion?

Thanks for breaking down the stages, really useful.

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks, it actually went very quickly

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