Monday, October 6, 2014

Chaos Dwarf Lammasu

Here is a link to the eBay masterpiece I mentioned on Episode 111of Point Hammered.

I did not throw this sucker in the last Pro Painted post as the seller makes no such claims as to the professional nature of the conversion. It really deserves its own post anyways.

A giant's head on a plague drone body ridden by a chaos dwarf with a space marine head. Simply brilliant.

As mentioned, if someone were to obtain this creation for me (at the low cost of $30), I would absolutely paint it to the best of my ability and enter it in to the Golden Brush competition at this year's Adepticon!

I'm envisioning a realistic flesh color giant face and brunette lochs. Non-metal metallics on the dwarf. My trademark pearlescent wings (and maybe a pearlescent carapace shell?) with purple skin on the beast to tie it altogether? Or maybe a creep human skin color on the drone body? The possibilities are endless!

Any takers? Anyone willing to donate a few bucks to this cause? Let me know!


PsychosisPC said...

I have a penny.

Rogers said...

Haha! Classic ornery Walking Dude! A penny is closer to its actual value, though.

Unknown said...

I really wanna see this happen... gonna need your mailing address.

Rogers said...

haha, that would be awesome! Drop a line to the ask a bastards or pro painted forms. I've got a couple bucks (plus Welte's penny) for the cause so far.

PigsVomit said...

I'll chip in $10! What paypal should I transfer the cash to?

Rogers said...

It's on! PayPal it to the and throw chaos dwarf or something in the comments

PigsVomit said...


If you, for some reason unknown to all of mankind, decide not to include it in your own army, you should raffle it away!

Rogers said...

Just bagged this sucker! Hobby boner engaged! Thanks for the support, boys. This is going to be a sweet ass project! Never did me no painting competition mini before. Will be fun figuring it out.

I was thinking about what I would do with the cretin afterwards as well. Not sure yet. Raffle is an option. Otherwise, I was going to hold on to the return address. Might just mail the thing back to its original owner!

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