Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ask the Bastards #11

Some specific questions for Hastings, Phaneuf and Rogers this time!

Rob Reitnauer asks:

First of all. I love your site and want to thank you for your contribution to the hobby.

I am working on a red skinned/ bone carapace tyranid force. I posted some of my stuff on Dakka here
http://www.dakkadakka.com/core/gallery-search.jsp?u=86603 And was first planning on a fall theme for my basing but I am afraid that the models will not stand out anymore.

I then came across your highland bases tutorial. I think the rich greens should make my swarm pop. Can you please tell me what Silfor tufts you used?

Rob here: Thanks!

On the left corner it's this:

On the opposite corner it's this:

Next up, Kristian Nilsen asks:
Got a question for Johnny and one for Rodge!

As my beastmen is nearing in on something close to completion, I'm in the start-up up phase for my next army: Orcs & Goblins (mainly gobbos).

I've been following your orctonnians, Johnny, and think that the greens on your orcs are pretty outstanding! Do you have any tips on how to paint more yellowish greens?

Rodge: I'll be going night gobbo heavy and want to run them with an underground theme. How time consuming was making the stalagmites for your daemon army? I remember vividly a blogpost explaining in detail how you made them, but I can't seem to find it now. Did you ever post a tutorial on it?

Rodge here: I never did a detailed tutorial about the Cthulhu Demon basing but will throw a step by step one together as I do the basing on my 'uge Old One.

Short answer for you, though, it is incredibly time consuming. I basically sculpted each base from scratch. The bigger bases took multiple layers. All the bigger stalagmites took upwards of 5 or 6 layers to get right. After the sculpting was complete, I added rocks and two layers of pumice to tie it all together.

For something like goblins with 20mm bases, I'm not sure how much mileage you could get. You can't really add much detail to those lil things. If you're using lots of trolls or an arachnorak, though, it would probably look pretty sweet!

Haven't heard back from Hastings about the painting advice, hopefully he'll respond to this post with his advice!


Matt Jayjack said...

On the O&G, you can get yourself some space to make rock features by not using crappy beveled bases, since the bevel takes away from working area. Also try multi basing on 20x40, 20x80, and 40x40 bases. With the smaller gobbos especially, you get a ton more variety in individual model position when you multi-base and can fit in cooler features.

Rogers said...

Damnit Jayjack, was trying to talk him out of that madness!

Matt Jayjack said...

I'm not saying sculpt all those stalagmites, that's a cyclopian abyss of Rogerian madness. I'm just saying he can get himself some space and maybe do some other rock features, fungus piles, etc.

PigsVomit said...

Thanks both of you for answering! The non beveled bases might be the way to go. Never even thought about that. Thanks Jayjack!
I'm a bit torn as of what to do, though. I really want a sharp looking army with a nice theme, but it has to be doable at the same time. 100s of custom bases surely seems to be pushing it a bit too far, and I hate having 20% complete projects being scrapped.

Thanks again for the tips/advice. Appreciate it :)

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