Monday, October 13, 2014

Army of Sylvania

I recently discussed my Army of Sylvania and the first Storm of Chaos campaign on the podcast. I saw I never put any pics up on this here blog for posterity so I thought I'd throw 'em up. Most of  these models were painted in 2003-04 and my putty work was in its infancy so be gentle!

I sold these off in the summer of 2006. No regrets!

These levy banners actually look pretty cool! I have not done any better since, I should really get on that with my next project (Chaos Dwarfs or High Elves?) These zombie units were the last I did for the army so are probably the best painted ones. I remember getting 'em done for the 2005 official Games Workshop Minneapolis GT!

I sculpted all the helmets on these zombros too.

These skellies were painted using the "original dip". That is they were primed bleached bone and then dipped them in a cup filled with 3 pots of chestnut ink! That's why they're kind of orangeish.

The three bound spell grave markers. People really hated these things.


Double coaching it!

And buckets 'o characters!

Finally, good 'ol bluey! Won my first tourney with this guy. (Suck it, Bednarek!)


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