Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Advanced Gorkers and Morkers

As Jayjack mentioned, our Gorkamorka campaign is in full swing.

Diggas on the loose!

This is our second go at it and have come up with some additional house rules for the campaign.

All the Rules can be found in the Advanced Gorkers and Morkers .pdf on my Google Drive.

A general summary behind the changes:

Some of the weapons needed repricing. Instead of jacking up the cost on the best ones, though, we just made all the rest way cheaper! This has opened up a ton of fun options!

The wrecking ball and big grabber are pretty nasty by the book since they hit automatically. This seemed way too reliable and un-orky in a game like this so they were reworked into an entirely new class of Big Close Combat weapons which the vehicles can use to whack away at each other!

The skill tables have been completely reworked (so many useless skills by the book) and professions added. Once an ork has gained enough experience, they can choose a profession that they're best suited for, such as a Painboy, Slaver, or Lurker. Each profession has access to different skills and equipment. These specialists don't scavenge for income, though, so you need to choose which ones you want carefully!

That's pretty much it for this go around although there are tons of cool things we could add!


Stygianheart said...

I miss playing this game so much. My friends and I used to get so into it.
I really like your house rules, I may implement some of them if I ever convince my group to take up the game again.

I think it's really interesting how every groups house rules take a game in different directions.
The last lot of house rules we were playing/testing were kind of fun too:
Badgof's House Rules.

We didn't get to the point where we were adding flyers and walkers though.

Rogers said...

Awesome!! Can you get those rules on google drive or email to me? Can only see the first page on Scribd... I'd like to see the rest!

Vehicle size is definitely something I want to revisit. What you have makes total sense!

We're still waiting for the first person to get a walker or flyer, so we're not sure how those rules will work out. We'll have some feedback on what worked and what didn't after the campaign.

Stygianheart said...

I uploaded it to google docs : Badgofs House Rules v1

Those were version 1 of the house rules we were playing/playtesting. I've got more handwritten notes on what would have been version 2, if I'd have got around to typing them up and the campaign had carried on.

There were slight ammendments to V1, off the top of my head we dropped gas engine movement of Trakks to 4" (so Slow Speed Manoeuvres 2") but keeping thrusts of 5". It made the difference between wheels and tracks more noticeable and the benefits of each.

We started using the big guns on spanners, were writing up and implementing the territories and were in the process of testing Boars when it ended.

I might just get around to typing up version 2 now you've reminded me about them.

Matt Jayjack said...

More rulez for 'Morka is always a good thing! Now if I could just figure out how not to suck so bad...

Stygianheart said...

That part's easy Matt! Here's my easy recipe:

Only play Gorka's, always take lots of Boyz, Karts are made for ramming and getting close to the fight, Choppaz, nut them square in the face, stomp them to mush when they're down.

Ah the memories... I miss playing this game even more now :(

Rogers said...

Downloaded the rules. Thanks for sharing! Lot of great ideas in there! Got my (squig) juices flowing!

Flamekebab said...

I much prefer stipulating vehicle size by area - nice one, Stygianheart. Telling an Ork how many passengers 'ez allowed to have is just asking for a kickin'!

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