Saturday, September 27, 2014

Warhammer Quest - Dungeon Tiles Completed

Warhammer Quest is back on the menu boys!

Recently I had to prep some models for a GT and once that was done work was to begin in earnest on my new fantasy army.  However, I decided I wanted to finish another project first which would give me some more practice with the Airbrush.  My WHQ base set models were done, now it was time to get the game tiles done!!

The base game includes a number of passageways, t-junctions, and a corner as well as 6 dungeon tiles and 5 Objective rooms.  While I only have 2 objective rooms completely built I did not get to those this time around.  This time around I focused on the rest of the tiles and will do each objective room individually at a later time.

All of the tiles were painted with a white undercoat before moving on to the airbrush.

Passageways and T-Junctions

The passageways and T-Junctions were a mix of browns and grays, but I wanted mine to be consistent and went with the gray color.  For these I first added black to the airbrush and painted around the edges, and along each of the cracks to pre-shade.  After pre-shading was done I used Adepus Mechanicum Gray in the airbrush and that was the only color I used gradually working my way towards the center and only lightly covering the white there.

Dungeon Cell and Torture Chamber after airbrushing

Dungeon Cell was painted with Kantor Blue only.  I just went over the middle briefly and the edges several times.  The torture chamber was painted with an orange brown color that I can't remember right now.  I first did the main body of the tiles in this color but couldn't get the edges dark enough so went 1:1 with the brown and adeptus mechanicum gray and did the edges a little darker.

Magic Circle and Monster's Lair after airbrushing

The magic circle I used 4 different colors as the tile is an odd mix of greens and blues so I airbrushed splotches in random areas before going over the corners with Stegadon Scale.  The Monster's lair was the old shadow grey color at first and then Eshin Gray for darkening the edges.

Guard Room, Torture Chamber, Dungeon Cell

After the airbrushing it went to detail brush work.  Each tile got a wash of some sort in the cracks and for the Guard room I painted this in white and black then edge highlighted the black with Dawnstone and washed the cracks of the white with administratum gray diluted with lahmian medium.  Blood effects were added after a gloss coat and a matte coat.

Magic Circle

The magic circle card shows a faint line of a circle around the edges.  I didn't trust my ability to make a perfect circle and had another idea in mind.  A rogue wizard has created a blood sacrifice 8 point chaos star and tracked the blood back and forth from the tome he was reading to complete his ritual!  Look closely to see the bloody hand and footprints.

Monster's Lair

The opening in the corner was made using a lock washer and greenstuff.  It's hard to tell from here, but there are water effects in the inside I used to make it look like there is liquid in the hole.  I chose to refrain from blood effects here.  By the time the monster brings its prey back to here it's likely been drained of blood already...

Well of Doom

Well of doom was airbrushed by 2 different greens.  Castellan Green and the new Dark Angels green around the edges.  The center well was created using an extra piece from replacing my door handles and brass rod.  After painting I added nurgle's rot to fill up the well and to show it running into the well from the room.

Top to Bottom: Torture Chamber, Dungeon Cell, Well of Doom, Guard Room, Magic Circle, Monster's Lair

Hoping to get a first trial on these bad boys this weekend.  Really enjoyed painting each of these and look forward to the Objective Rooms coming up next.


Michael Butcher said...

Sweet work!

Rogers said...

These are phenomenal!

Domus said...

Love these bro! Badass!!

Ryan said...

Thanks for the comments bros! I have plans to get run some bros through a quest or two at Waaghpaca! A great drink and hang game.

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