Monday, September 29, 2014

Skull Crushers

I'm long over due for this post.  For Waaaghpaca I chose to do a brand new Warriors army.  One of the first conversion ideas I came up with for this army was Skull Crushers riding giant lizards.  I realize it's a bit of pattern for me with the giant lizards.  What can I say, they look cool.  
After several attempts of sculpting lizards from scratch I gave up.  I then tried using old metal carnosaur bits with no luck.  I then settled on using Dragon Ogre bodies for the torso and then I hit the jackpot with the release of the Hydra kit.  1 week after launch I was able to secure a really cheap ebay auction for 4 Hydra heads.   With the plan in place I set to work.  I started by modifying the skull crusher knights to fit on the back of the dragon ogre.  I laid out how each lizard would be standing then assembled the knights to "fit" the dynamic pose of the mount.  I then created saddles using putty and polystyrene sheeting.

I also filled in the necks of each mount to give me something to attach the heads to.

This is a pic of the knights assembled on the mounts.  I love how the knights' pose match what the mount is doing below.  It makes for a very dynamic unit.  The knights heads are from Max Minis.

At this stage I created apoxie sculpt bases to mount the lizards.

Using brass rod I attached each Hydra head.  They were the perfect size for the dragon ogre bodies.  Next I bulked out the neck and then sculpted scales to blend in the areas to the existing hides.

Once the mounts were done I painted them up using the same color pallet uses on the Dragon Ogres.  Purple was the main base color, the horns and claws were painted blue and the eye were painted yellow.

For the knights I opted for a soft blue color with pink and purple accents.  I will cover the knights paint job in further detail in a future post on my warriors unit as they are painted exactly the same way.

Here our a few shots of the unit with the standard.

In the end I'm really happy with how these turned out.

Well, that's it.  I would love to hear what you think!


Unknown said...

Those look incredibly cool, great conversion.

Rogers said...

These are so damn cool!

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