Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rockwars GT Preparation

Rockwars GT 2014 will be commencing in a little over a week on September 12-14.  For those of you who haven't heard of this tournament please take a look at it for next year and read the rules on their website here:

Due to the nature of the tournament and it's composition I had plenty of work to do to prepare!  This post is all about that preparation including new units/models and a look at the unique comp system.  Post 2 will be about a 12 man Prep Tournament that I held at my house using the Warscore program and Post 3 will be in a few weeks documenting how poorly I performed in Little Rock.

Rockwars GT is hosted by Hayne Begley and this will be the second year I have made it to the tourney, but not in a row because he got lazy and skipped a year.  This is also the second year in a row that Hayne has chosen a fairly unique and different method to determining composition of armies.  In 2012 each army was given 50 points to play with.  Certain items would reduce this comp score from what I remember.  I brought my Daemons of Khorne.  My normal list included the -2 leadership banner but it would have cost me 5 points towards my comp and thus 5 pts overall had I chosen to bring it.  Instead I opted for the banner of -2 to a specific lore of magic and DBL 1-3's is a miscast on the lore of light.  Regardless the comp was specific to each army and the items/units that were deemed too powerful/common.

Fast Forward to 2014 and Hayne has elected to use the COMP pack from Mersey Meltdown in the UK.  This comp pack, rather than taking negatives, rewarded players for bringing units in 4 categories (Characters, Core, Special, Rare) that are rarely seen on the table.  Again, each army has their own list with the idea that we will see some rarely used models and units at the tournament.  Here is a link to the comp rules:

I'd love to hear what the rest of you think about the bonus comp pack in the comments.  Most of the tournaments I participate in have no comp or player judged comp and although this allows you to take any list you want giving up 10 out of 160 possible overall points could be a big hit.  I will be posting about a Rockwars Prep tournament I hosted and it was great fun to see some of the units that people were bringing.  Some examples include: Shadowblade, Globadiers, Chaos Giants, Stonehorns, Chaos ogres, Kroxigor and many more besides.

I resigned myself to my fate of taking all 4 bonus units with my High Elves.  With a total of +10 bonus points it was worth as much as one max point win of the tournament towards Overall.  Without further delay, here is my list:

Archmage Level 4 - High Magic
Noble (BSB) - GW
Korhil (Bonus Unit)

12 High Elf Archers (Mu, SB)
12 High Elf Archers (C, Mu, SB)
20 Lothern Sea Guard (C, Mu, SB) - (Bonus Unit)

23 Sword Masters (C, Mu, SB)
Lion Chariot (Bonus Unit)

Great Eagle
Great Eagle
Frostheart Phoenix
8 Sisters of Avelorn (Bonus Unit)

Originally my plans were to limit the amount of painting I would have to do as I am working on a new army.  This resulted in a list which included a Dragon Mage and a unit of 2 eagles with ASF.  I've always enjoyed the dragon mage and had fun in 2 practice games with the eagles, but really missed the 2 separate eagles for redirecting and the Dragon Mage sucked up a lot of points which I needed elsewhere due to the OTHER bonus units.  The end result was selecting other units which I would have to paint.

With my plans laid out I needed only to paint the units in my arsenal as I had already purchased a Korhil model long ago, and purchased the Sisters kit, converting them in to Brothers of Kurnous as you will see, when the book first came out.  The lion chariot I had but it was badly damaged and the Sea Guard are a staple in almost all of my lists due to not having any reavers or silver helms painted.

So my prep work included: Korhil, Fixing and repainting Lion chariot, 8(10) Brothers of Kurnous, repairing my Noble BSB's great weapon (sword had snapped in half), touch-ups on both METAL (hate it) great eagles which had chipped again even with a layer of dullcoat.

The rest of this post goes over the paint work I have done on the army as well as a full army plus display board picture.  I am not 100% on whether or not I have posted my high elves before, so most of the army is pictured.  I began the army back in 2009....

First was to replace the Noble's great weapon

Then replaced the haft and axe blade on one of the white lions.

This was the same lion chariot I painted back in 2009 or 2010 and I found a couple mold lines and some gaps that should have (and would have these days) been filled with greenstuff.  They are especially noticeable in the lions hair.  I couldn't be bothered to re-paint the entire piece and it was still pretty solid.

Next up were the Brothers of Kurnous conversion.

Finally we have Korhil bearing the Axe Chayal

Those of you with clever eyesight will have noticed that Korhil and the Brothers are painted with Red accents instead of Blue like the rest of the army.  This was/is on purpose as they will be re-purposed into my new army following the tournament.  For cohesion they still fit in very well with the same basing and the same accent color of gray/black.

 Midnight Legion on the Display Board
 Left Flank
 Right Flank
 Fury of Hoeth led by Huranir the Swiftblade
 Moon Company
 Star Company led by Ilandren the Longshot
Blue Dragon Company led by Ulrinor Hydrabane

Hopefully the blades and bows will be enough at Rockwars GT.


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Nice blog. Looks like a lot of hard work, glad you have the time to indulge. Hope you have a great tournament in Little Rock.

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