Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Point Hammered Episode 109 Show Notes

Episode 109 has been released. Check it out!

Main Topic
Loose ends! Catch up on some things that were cut from prior episodes.
What's Rodge's secret to painting all night?
How did that QCR team challenge turn out?
Didn't the Blood Bowl campaign wrap up at Rodge Hastings Podge?
How much money was raised at Podge for the WAAAGH! Paca Vacation Contest!?

Email of the Week
Jake Hansen: Do the boys paint in batches or one at a time?

Voicemail of the Week
Davy Calkins: Should the Bastard do his own music podcast?

Rodge's current book
Heretic by Bernard Cornwell
(Book three of the Grail Quest series)
This is badass historical fiction set during the Hundred Years War.
368 page paperback/ebook on Amazon 
Rodge actually recommends the one-off book Agincourt to see if you got a taste for the whole Grail Quest series.
16+ hour audiobook on Audible
 512 page paperback/ebook on Amazon

 Rodge's Music Pick
Has Rodge mistakenly been listening to genuine Swedish house music?

Event of the Week
Conesy's showdown in Madison, WI
Holy Wars GT
One of the few 6 game tourneys around! SW Chicagoland area.

Rodge's Point Hammered History
 Domus vs Rodge Challenge
Here's a few photoshops from the original challenge!

Rodge's Cheap Ass Hidden Hobby Dollars
What kind of goodies has Rodge picked up on the cheap?

Phone an HPB
We give the Nerd Apprentice a ring. Does he seem uppity since his second place Podge finish?

Rodge's current obsession(s)
Not enough people are encouraging the Bear to do this.

Johnnys current obsessions(s)
Frisky Business
New best friend: Nook eReader
Wishing hateful shyt on Home Depot for letting my credit card info get stolen.

Question of the Month
Should WAAAGH! Paca leave the Ale House?

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