Monday, September 29, 2014

Opening a can of Wyrms

After seeing The Desolation of Smaug last year I was inspired with an idea for a new project.  An army centered entirely around dragons.  Thankfully, the silly WoC army book supports such an idea.  So now, I embark on a new project using the WoC list and quite a few of my Reaper Bones models.  (*Disclaimer - No GW models will be harmed, or used, in the creation of this project)  Additionally, I had acquired some chibi models of the characters from the old D&D Cartoon from my youth.  This was my absolute favorite cartoon ever!!!


Tiamat, the beast of a dragon pictured above, has been one of my favorite dragons ever since that cartoon.
So the first step was to find a good Tiamat model.  Nothing I turned up was quite massive enough.  Until I found this perfect model.
Painted by the guy from this blog

Here is the unpainted beasty! She's rather large!
Find it on amazon here

The reaper bones came with 5-7 dragon models as well so I was set on figures!  Next was to figure out an army list and how to use all of this stuff.

When the WoC book came out, lots were talking about the monster mash army.  I think some UK guys even ran it in events.  I've been struggling with my hobby this year and it seemed like the perfect project to get me back in the game.  I can use it to a) create some lovely centerpiece models for my case and b) test my follow through on army creation.  I tend to have lots of great ideas which fizzle out.

With Screw City GT coming up, I had some additonal options as well since you can take a monster with a Scroll of Binding.  I decided to use my Tiamat model as a Magma Dragon.

Here are the rough Army list concepts...

2K Army List (1) - Standard 2K
Demon Prince
4 x Chariots
3 x Chimera

2K Army List (2) - Paca possible (uses 50% lords / heroes rules)
Demon Prince
4 x Chariots
1 x Chimera
3K Army List (1)
Demon Prince
6 x Chariots
3 x Chimera
Magma Dragon

I had initially planned to work on this army over the summer and be 100% ready for Screw City.  Alas, my motivation failed me and I just recently resumed work.  The first objective was to work out how I was going to do the basing.  I had a concept I wanted to use but I had to figure out how to reasonably make that a reality.  I reached out to a few of the high end theming fellas to ask for some insight and got some great ideas.  I was ultimately able to use that as a jumping point to my own solution and result I love.  I will delve more into the basing in another post.

Another unique idea I've been sitting on which I will incorporate into this project is the use of a round display base.  Being very few models, this army lends itself very well to that concept.  It doesn't hurt that I found a pretty awesome lazy susan to mount the entire project on... (the thing in the middle is the 6" x 6" base for the beasty)

So I needed a foam platform for the models to sit on.  Cut it cut out and the base markings noted.

The Reaper models have been assembled for quite some time.  I did get the gap filling done just this past weekend.  Here is the base with some of the models I may use.  I have numerous options and have yet to iron out all the details.  Everything WILL be "counts as" but it will also be very straightforward to identify.  (*both goals are very important to me-anyone who saw the minion army knows this to be true)

For the BSB, I had to go shopping.  I knew I wanted something very much like a Draconian from the Dragonlance books (also an age old favorite of mine).  Reaper came through again.  Here he is on his scratch-built Disc.  I'm fairly certain I've seen someone else do a similar idea for a disc but no idea who.

My plan was initially to take my time and do this army for Paca.  As of right now, all but 6 models are assembled and gap filled.  4 of those are being converted.

I've recently been playing some more games and having a lot of fun just hanging with the great folks in this hobby.  So, I've been inspired to put the pedal to the metal and get this army built and painted to 3 color minimums and take it to Screw City.  It will be far from done.  But it will be a good start.  (*I'm not worried about the display base, I'll just use something random I have!).

Fellow Bastard Nicol has dared to make a bet with me on this project.  If I show up with this completed at Screw City he's picking up my Friday Night Waaaghpaca Bar Tab.  If not, I have to pick up his tab.  I now HAVE to get this done!!!  2 weeks to go!!!

After that, the goals will be to complete the display base and then paint all of the models to a much higher standard than I have done on any army in the past.  My completion date for that part of the project is for Waaapca.



Ryan said...

I won't be at Screw City, but I will have the Twisted Troop verify and confirm that this is done. Will gladly pay for your brews Friday night to give you the motivation to make this happen! Get er' dun!

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