Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More Wyrm Wips

More progress last night on the Dragons!   Less talk more pics!!

My Demon Prince.  Reaper bones pathfinder red dragon.  Perfect

BSB & DP for size Comparison

I decided to use the reaper frost wurm.  I cut the spines off of the lower body and have reposed 4 of 6 to appear as if they popping out of the basing (GS work still to do yet!).  So, the lower part will end up covered with tail bits maybe sticking out...

Group Shot

The 2 I am using that are not converted.  Only in play at 3k.

One of the chariots WIP after my Apoxie Sculpt party last night!  Didn't need to be very pretty with the stuff just adding bulk and will add texture on top.

Chimera - 2 normal

Chimera with Regen

So basically, the chariots will easily be identified as they are all the same model.  Also, no wings.

The BSB stands out as he is on a disc.

The DP stands out as he is a smallish model with wings on a 50x50.

And the 3 chimera stand out as they are big dragons with wings.

I think it should be relatively easy for my opponents to follow.  I may still make magnetized signs to put on the bases if there are any issues.



Unknown said...

All as clear as you could like in my opinion.

I dunno if you bought into the kickstarter or just purchased a bunch of these separately?

I've used loads of the first kickstarter they did for various armies.
frost wyrms as tomb scorpions
Pathfinder dragon as a black dragon
Nethyrmaul as a magma dragon (could be a zombie dragon but I don't have undead!)
Bone giant as bone giant
sundry mix of bits as casket of souls
Hydra plus wings from one of the daemon prince models as another magma dragon (because everyone needs 2 of these...)
Clockword dragon will be a chaos dragon mount for tz chaos lord.

Only ones I didn't pick up were the 2 middle sized dragons you're using as chimeras.

Domus said...

Ya, I was in pretty much whole hog on the first kickstarter. Really love these models and they are the reason I'm doing this army.

Looking forward to getting to the painting phase!

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