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Labor Day Weekend - Rockwars Prep Tourney

Panoramic view of my basement during the tourney
Shows all 6 tables

Since Rockwars was such a unique comp system I decided that a prep tournament was in order.  My wife and child were planning on leaving for Labor Day weekend to visit in-laws so I figured this would be the perfect time to have a ton of friends over for a big tournament while getting valuable practice in.

Reviewing the size of my basement I decided that I could fit 6 tables and thus the 12 person cap was created.  I will be travelling with 3 other guys from the greater Chicago area so they were first on the invite list.  After that the invite went out to other local clubs and the result was 12 players who were excited about the comp system and for a great day of Warhammer.

A quick note - I had heard good things about Warscore and although this was a small tournament I chose to learn and use this system.  It was really cool and worked great.  I even got all 12 players to sign up by the time the second round pairings went up so all received emails.  I highly recommend this system to anyone who is running a tournament.  I found it to be very easy to use and the participants really liked it as well.

Participants in no particular order:
Jake Murphy - Dark Elves
Eric West - High Elves
Dennis Gunia - High Elves
Lauren Parenti - Skaven
Tanya Schiebe - Dark Elves
Tim Cornstubble - Ogres
Joe Pecoraro - Lizards
Steve Herner - Wood Elves
Greg Dausey - Warriors
Chris Yu - Orcs and Goblins
Grant Fetter - Dwarves
Ryan Nicol - High Elves


For the tournament I used an adjusted bonus scoring system of 1,2,4,6 with most players opting for 6 bonus points.  The scenarios were straight from the pack Hayne has posted on his website.  From there we randomized (most) round 1 Matchups and had at it!!


Lizards vs Dwarves - Grudge Match Table 1
 HE vs WE Table 2
  HE vs WOC Table 3
   O&G vs SKA Table 4
DE vs DE Table 6
 My Game: HE vs OGR Table 5

My first round opponent was Tim Cornstubble with his Ogres.  Tim and I had played two weeks prior at a Team Tournament.  At that time I was playing Daemons of Khorne and he was playing a much different list with a lot of leadbelchers and 2 ironblasters.  We both agreed had he brought that list the game would have gone much differently...SPOILER

2200 Ogres (3 Bonus Units)
Slaughtermaster L4 - MAW
Bruiser BSB

9 Ironguts - S, MU
7 Ogres - S, MU

5 Sabretusks
1 Sabretusk
1 Sabretusk

4 Maneaters - Scout, Stubborn
1 Stonehorn
4 Mournfang Cavalry S, MU

I believe the picture above is at the bottom of turn 1.  I sat in front of his Maneaters with an eagle and prepared to charge with the Lion Chariot on my left flank.  This all went according to plan and after the eagle was destroyed the LC and the Archers both went in and dropped the Maneaters down to 1 model.  Another round and they were eliminated.

On the right flank I set up the Frostheart to charge the Mournfang if they pressed which they did.  The Sisters and Archers were on the right to shoot up the dogs as they approached which is exactly what happened.  An unfortunate failure of a re-rollable 8 panic check on the Bulls and BSB saw them run away for a turn giving me the opportunity to focus.

The Frostheart careened into the Mournfang and a failed fear check saw them pop their Gleaming Pennant.  The Frostheart won the combat and the single leadership 7 steadfast check was failed leaving the Mournfang routed off the board.  The frosty turned it's head towards the rallying bulls and Stonehorn.

In the center the Ironguts moved ahead into a bolt thrower and archers only losing a few models.  This game saw me have magic phases of 11, 12, 11, 8, 12 dice which was a big factor in the game as boosted soul quenches were being cast about.  Mostly dispelled but this left me free to get a minimum of 2 other spells of each turn.  When the ironguts finally charged in they did so thinking the stonehorn would help unfortunately failed.  The SM's did their thing, but not well enough failing 75% of my wound rolls needing 4's due to +1 T on the unit.  In the end the LC came into the flank and the Frostheart tied up the Stonehorn meaning eventually it was just the Slaughtermaster on a Stubborn 8 check and at some point he failed and was run down by the chariot.
Sword Masters vs the Bulls before swings! Note 5+ ward save on the SM's

An unlucky leadership test game for Tim and a great consistent magic phases for me saw me the victor with max 10 points as I was able to get a unit of archers across the board on top of his objective.

Intermission - 8/12 players participated in a Coors Light Shotgun - FUN!!
*Only pictures of my own game sorry!
O&G vs HE (EW) Table 1
SKA vs OGR Table 2
HE (DG) vs DE (JM) Table 3
DE (TS) vs DWF Table 4
WOC vs SKA Table 6

My Game: LIZ vs HE Table 5

Another opponent I had played with my Demons 2 weeks ago and lost to.  He was playing a variation of that list with max bonus points.  Double flee with super tooled slann and 2 cowboys.

Slann - Loremaster High, Slanneling, Re-roll dispel, BSB Leader 10, Ethereal/Unstable
Cowboy - 4+ward
Cowboy - re-roll armor saves
Skink Chief on Terradon

21 Skinks w/ 1 Krox
10 Skinks M, SB
10 Skinks M, SB
10 Skinks M, SB
10 Skinks, M, SB
10 Skink Skirmirsers

3 Terradons
3 Terradons
5 Chamo Skinks
5 Chamo Skinks
3 Kroxigor

2 Razordon 8 handlers
1 Salamander 4 handlers

A very dangerous list to my T3 elves especially with the opportunity for destroying the BotWD with high magic.

Off we go with the High Elves gaining first turn.  HE declared a few first turn charges against terradons and chamos with all charges ending up failing due to flee and double flee.  In his first turn the 3 terradons dropped rocks on some archers, and a cowboy charged the lion chariot.  Razordons and Sally moved up preparing to shoot on either flank.  Slann stepped up and got 11 dice while I channeled 2 dice next to the arcane ruins for 8 dispel.  First spell was Fiery on the Swordmasters which I let go as he had rolled a 28 and only had 5 dice left vs my 8.  I lost 1 Swordmaster due to BOTWD.  Next he threw 5 dice at unforging on the BOTWD and got it off irresistibly.  Bye bye banner and a big threat to dispel in my magic phase.

Unlike my previous game my Magic phases were very week.  In turn 2 I rolled a 2 and a 1 so needed a 15 on 3 dice to dispel Fiery...I instead went for getting two spells off against his Level 1 slann.  I successfully cast the first and he neeeded an 8 on two dice to dispel.  He failed but re-rolled and got the 8.  Thus the swordmasters took it on the chin and Korhil took a wound as well.

This picture shows the high elf lines attempting to threaten the Lizards.  Note the SM's who have taken 4 rounds of Fiery Convocation at this time leaving 5 left with no Korhil.

During the ensuing rounds the Cowboy who had chopped through the lion chariot began chopping through seaguard.  The other cowboy and skinks brought the fight to the depleted swordmasters and the frostheart began seeping wounds to poison.

In the end the combination of the double flee and the poor magic phases for the high elves resulted in a big loss to me.  However, I did get both bonus points for calling the hogs into my own unit and for calling them every turn for a total of 4/10 in round 2.

Intermission after Round 2 saw a feast of Chips/Salsa/Tacos/ and of course ANOTHER SHOTGUN though this one saw only 6/12 partake.


 OGR vs O&G Table 2
 WE vs DE Table 3
SKA vs DWF Table 4

HE (EW) vs DE (JM) Table 5

 LIZ vs HE (DG) Table 6 (This was "table 1")

A couple more pictures of this game.

My game: WOC vs HE Table 1 ("Table 2")

In this game I got to play a fun not OTT warriors list which I haven't had the opportunity to play in a seemingly long while.  It was really nice to look across the table and not see 2-3 flying/demonic mount characters.  Oh and no Skullcrushers! (Now that I think about it I did play Dennis recently without Skullcrushers). In Greg's defense he thought you had to take 6 bonus units to get the max points so he went a little overboard!

Chaos Lord on Barded Steed
Exalted Hero on Barded Steed
Exalted Hero BSB on Barded Steed

6 Forsaken of Slaanesh
5 Marauder Horsemen of Slaanesh
5 Puppies
15 Chaos warriors HW/S Mark of Nurgle
8 Chaos Ogres of...don't remember
Chaos Giant of Nurgle
7 Knights of Nurgle

In turn 1 the high elves received first turn and generally moved forward shot and magicked.  The ogres were the only thing in range for a lot of it so they took the brunt losing 3 of their number.

In bottom turn 1 chaos generally moved forward, a little too close for the Knights and Characters, but they were chaos...what did they have to fear!?

Top turn 2 saw the Swordmasers and Frosty into the knights.  Eagle blocked up the ogre and the LC charged the dogs seeing them off the table eventually due to not rallying.  Magic saw a boosted hand of glory go off meaning all of my attacks were going first and hitting on 4's as I rolled a 3.  Korhil scored 2 killing blows on an exalted hero and 1 made it through the ward dropping the non BSB.  The knights were hard pressed to do any return wounds as they had enscorcelled weapons but the BSB did not and dropped 4 of them.  Even the horses stomped their feet killing a few of the elves.  The lord knowing he couldn't harm the unit put 3 wounds on the Frostheart with his S8! 
The battle unfolds

As the game wore on the Chaos horde began to thin.  The marauder horsemen were shot down, the Rampaging giant took 4 wounds from shooting before making it into combat with the archers.  Their ASF re-rolls despite failing the fear check saw them roll a 6 to wound bringing the giant down on top of them.  The Frostheart died to the Chaos lord, but another Killing Blow on the BSB from Korhil saw them fail their stubborn check and get run down.  In the end the Forsaken got into the flanks and the warriors marched forward and slaughtered the sisters but it wasn't enough.  Their army was broken and the game went to the Elves full 10 points.

Thanks Grant for the Bourbon so I could double fist during game 3!

Final Results ended with a pretty close race at the top.  You can see full standings (I believe) at

Everyone received 5 pts for paint and we had a Pass/Fail sports scoring system as we were all friends here.  So it all came down to Battle and Bonus.

First - Joe Pecoraro with Lizardmen
Second - Myself with High Elves
Third - Dennis Gunia with High Elves

Eric and Dennis would have tied for third had he brought the max Bonus points.  At Rockwars this will cost him 4 points towards overall.  I am anxious to see how the Bonus Comp points impact the final standings of the tournament.  Roughly half of the players are receiving the max +10 but there are quite a few who aren't even getting 6...

As I like to say - can't give away free tournament points!!

Hope you've enjoyed reading about the preparation for Rockwars GT.  No guarantees, but I am hoping to put up a Tournament Recap within a week of the Tourney.


Rogers said...

This looked like a blast! Basement tourneys rule!

Ryan said...

Ya - I think everyone had a solid time. Popped a couple shotgun cherries and saw some cool units/models that are RARELY used.

Hayne Begley said...

Sounds like a blast, I know Rock Wars was. Look forward to the RW recap.

Ryan said...

Been slacking on that RW Recap - I will try to get something done this week!

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