Monday, September 8, 2014

Nurgle Screamers

These bad boys are about ready for paint...

Unit #1

I decided I needed to add something to deal with all the effing light cav units I seem be facing all the time by adding a couple of units of Screamers to my army the SCGT and NorthStar.  It was a difficult decision to remove a couple of units of Nurglings to make room, as I am running a no-magic Epidemius list I tend to want everything geared towards building the tally, but I feel the mobility and nuisance value added make them a good choice.

My new favorite bits are the Dark Elf Kharibdyss heads. I am using them on several units on yet another revamping of my Nurgle themed Daemon Army. First up are these Nurgle Screamers. I wanted to keep these in theme with the Nurgle Furies I had built last Army update.

I was channeling the movie Phantoms a bit, they look appropriately creepy. I could easily see one of these eating Liev Schreiber's face.

Unit #2

Parts required:
Plague Drone body
3 Sets of Plague Drone front limbs
Pair of large Plague Drone wings
Kharibdyss head
2 small wooden balls/beads (form Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc.) see pictures for sizes
Some kind of tail spike (I used spawn parts)
Green Stuff (GS)
Apoxie Sculpt (AS)

1. Glue the body together, let dry. Slice out the large abdomen bit. You could cut up before glueing I suppose.

2. Use GS/glue to affix the 2 small wooden balls. While this is drying, I used AS to fill in the existing wing anchor points on the carapace. I will drill new ones to move the wings forward for this conversion. AS is perfect for this, you can easily smooth it water to create a virtually seamless fill on models.

3. Kinda jumped ahead, when I get rolling I forget to take pictures. I used GS to create the neck folds and blend the heads with the drone bodies as well as fill in any holes in the drone bodies. I also covered some of the scaly areas on the Kharibdyss heads with GS to keep with the look of the drone bodies. You can see I have also added the stinger bits. 

Messy Desk

4-6 (yep, I skipped some pics). 

After the GS had set, I used AS to build the new abdomen sections. Again, using water let me get the bulbous look I was going for. You can also see where I have drilled new socket holes for the wings in the carapace, filling them in with GS to create the socket. I thought they looked kinda cool hanging as the AS cured. 

Finishing was pretty easy, I used GS to make pustules to Nurgle them up. Then glue on legs (make sure you account for ranking up) and wings...Done.

7. Bases are magnetized. This tray is just for modeling, I have trays (not so ugly) for the models to be in skirmish formation.  I will make a Tzeentch symbol that will affix to the base for gameplay to help with WYSIWYG. 

Next up: New (again) Nurgle Beasts

Thanks for looking...


jugger said...

These are so sick, love em!!

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks! once I figured out what I wanted to do (the first one was assembled, taken apart, rinse and repeat) they were pretty straight forward. Hardest part was getting the parts (thanks Joe and Andrew for the assist) :).

Goldmunds Welt said...

Awesome conversion! Love em, too!!!

greggles said...

Really well done. You know you've made them just right when looking at them gives you a sense of unease.

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