Monday, September 8, 2014

Blood Bowl! Malekith's Mindrazors Season Champs!

Our Blood Bowl campaign just wrapped up so I thought I'd post some finished pics of my Dark Elf team.

Did I mention these were dipped?

Purple, gold and brown are all great colors to use for a dip. I also wanted to dip these models due to the wear and tear of the blood bowl pitch. The figs get laid face down or up frequently and I've had some issues with the paint wearing off the faces of my blood bowl Orcs. I did not want that to happen with these guys.

I just treated the dip like a wash and highlighted up as normal. It is helpful to hit the dip with a matte varnish to help the subsequent layers get some 'tooth' on the dipped surface.

The Witch Elves are GW models. The linemen are the elf team from Black Scorpion miniatures. I can't really recommend them due to the huge amount of clean up work I had to do. They are a resin/finecast type material. Each of the linemen has a front crest and most were pretty mangled. There were some bubbles and rough surfaces all over. I spent about 20-30 mins a model scraping all the surfaces clean and smooth.

You will see some green stuff spikes on four of the players. These are the team's blitzers. I like to try to make sure the different positions are evident just by looking at the model if possible.

Every team needs a coach!

This is a free model I picked up by playing in the Adepticon 2014 Stupor Bowl! There is a different fig every year.

Overall, I'm pleased with these results for the time effort. Got me thinking about another dipped warhammer army!


Unknown said...

Great looking stuff! I've always wanted to try dipping and have a few Qs for ya:
1) From what I've read the MinWax line of stains is a popular dip choice. What did you use for your dip?
2) Again, only from other sources, I've read that highlighting over dip can be difficult to the point of not working. Yours look really nice. Do you feel the highlights applied differently or worked differently over the dip?
3) Did you actually dip the models or did you brush it on?

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