Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ask the Bastards #10

This question is from Annie:

I am a sculptor and years ago ventured into the awful world of resin casting. After realizing our fresh midwestern air didn't have a chance with this crap hanging in the air, I went back to a plaster formula I devised that works beautifully and is basically environmentally safe. Problem? It can break and chip. I now have a customer who is interested in thousands of one item which naturally I cringe at the thought of doing - (I don't have that many elf friends), and am trying to find a resin caster here in the states who could take on a job of this magnitude. 

This one is a little outside our area of expertise but we thought we'd throw it out there if any readers do know of a good resin caster in the U.S. 

If you do, comment on this post or drop Annie a line at annieslanding@gmail.com!


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