Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rogers' Hobby Desk - Episode 108

Here's a look at the Beasts 'o Nurgle I whipped up, as described in episode 108 of Point Hammered.

As I mentioned, I'm selling these suckers for $33 USD a piece. Anyone interested in the whole lot will get first dibs.

These guys are just attached to those bases with poster putty. You will need to provide the suitable bases for your 40k or fantasy neds.

Drop me a line at wiscohorndog at if interested.

I am willing to make more but the price will be higher after this first batch is gone. I might be down for some other fun conversion work as well, seeing as I'm in between projects. Shoot me an email!



These ones are a little different from my prior beasts in that they have spines along the sides. I kind of wish my originals had them. I could have painted them bone colored to add some nice contrast to the models!

Below I show how I transported my figs to QCR. Basically I just ripped up the insert guts to put in my own. I'm not sure I'd trust this method with a lot of metal figs, but the few metal figs I did have and the other plastic and finecast models made it through fine.

I didn't have enough room for all my movement trays in the case, so I just sandwiched the extras between two pieces of foam and threw it in my checked luggage. Made the trip fine.


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These are some awesome Beasts of Nurgle! Nice conversion work!

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