Monday, August 11, 2014

Rogers' Hobby Desk - Episode 107 - Part 2!

Here is the follow up to my last post. You can hear all about these goodies in the opening minutes of episode 107 of Point Hammered!

Moon dogs, ho!

Went from 5 to 8 plagueholes. Did not seem to have a problem matching the new with the old.

Then just a bunch of horrors and matching spell unit fillers. Ran out of time with the fire - resorted to plain but effective colors. Seemed to add nice contrast to the blue/gray theme.

Lastly, we got the treason bro and the two new standards.

I had a few inquiries about the metallics on these squidshits, so look for lil tutorial on that soon.


Unknown said...

I really love your army. On the drones, how much work was needed to get the plaguebearer arms to look like they should be there? I've been looking at doing something similar myself, if only because the guy on top will get snapped off when I'm transporting the fuckers

Rogers said...

Yo Joe, the plague drone arms are actually their normal "arms" with the plaguebearer hands glued on in place of the claws. Super easy. If you don't put the guy on top then you don't have to paint 'em as well!

Raf said...

These look really cool, awesome job. The execution is great and I love the concept.

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