Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rogers' Hobby Desk - Episode 107 - Part 1!

Here's a peak at both my trip to California and the models I brought with, as described in episode 107 of Point Hammered!

Grabbed my case, hat, silky boxers and hit the road w/ Kelleesi!

There are way too many pics, so I broke this sucker down into two posts. All the vacationy goodness in this one, with close ups of the rest of the new daemon figs to follow.

First thing was first, had to get in a little pocket pool in the Napa valley as soon as we landed.

Then it was on to the epic Castello Di Amorosa towards the north of this wine country. This sucker only puts out 15,000 barrels a year but has a lot of cool events.

There were dozens, if not hundreds of many cool local wineries to check out.

Back out our bed and breakfast, these mongrels took a keen interest in me.

This bed and breakfast is also where I finished basing the new Daemons. Look at this shit setup. Sitting on the ground with my case as a desk and a lamp on a bucket with Kelleesi sleeping about four feet to the left.

After a couple days of wine, we headed back into San Fran. We checked out some swarthy redwoods on the way.

Once is San Fran, there was way too much to check out.

The aquarium had this dope Jaws 3 tube.

Museum had a sweet skull exhibit going on.

Including some wicked Beasts of Chaos mutant skulls.

Can't forget the ocean.

Oh yeah, I also got in a lil warhammer action at the Quake City Rumble!

This sweet Empire army got 2nd best painted. I love the theme and conversions!

This warriors army scored best painted. I love the mix of vibrant colors!

That's it for now, expect a follow-up post before too long with pics of my new goodies!


Unknown said...

What foam load out did you go for with the case? I need to ditch my KR for something better

Ryan said...

Gotta love the redwoods. I wish I could have made it out to the tourney, sounds like a swell time...and it was right in my backyard after all haha. But alas, I havent been able to play any warhammer in the past two years unfortunately, just painting.

Rogers said...

Hi Joe, I will do a post about my foam setup. It is actually a homebrew/hillbilly kind of thing. There was a bit of a mixup with the Sabol inserts I ordered and want to make sure its resolved as fully as possible before talking any shit.

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