Thursday, August 7, 2014

Point Hammered Episode 107 Show Notes

Episode 107 has been released! Check it out!

Main Topic
Rodge's trip to California for the Quake City Rumble!
Click here to get a copy of Rodge's 2500 point Daemon list.

Email of the Week
From Ian Stannet: How do you think Warhammer, GW and the general wargaming hobby have changed over the last 10-12 years?

Voicemail of the Week
A texas listener jumps in with his 5 year predictions after noting the lack of a question of the week in episode 106!

Rodge's Cheap Ass Hidden Hobby Dollars link
Kiva Microloans
Hear how Rodge made the switch to microlending.

Johnny's current book
The Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie
(Book three of the First Law trilogy)
27+ hour audiobook on Audible
639 page paperback/ebook on Amazon

Rodge's current book
The Pagan Lord by Bernard Cornwell
(Book seven of the Warrior Chronicles/Saxon Stories)
This is kickass historical fiction set in Britain during the viking invasions of the dark ages.
 11+ hour audiobook on Audible
320 page paperback/ebook on Amazon

Other mentioned book
Banker to the Poor

Buy it on Amazon

Johnny's Point Hammered History
The General's Challenge!

Event of the Week
Infernal Zoo - Sept 27th - 28th
Monster themed tournament in Davis, CA!

Johnny's Blog Picks
Blending & Layering
Freehand Banner Painting
Advanced Freehand Banner Painting
Sculpting Tips
Making GreenStuff Banners

Phone an HPB
This week we phone the Legend. He's sure to be grumpy after Rodge Podge!

Rodge's current obsession(s)
American Ninja Warrior
Can we get the Bear in to this or what?

Johnny's current obsession(s)
Whore Cast

Random Link(s)
Free internet radio service Johnny's been using. Similar to Pandora but no ads!

 Rodge's Music Pick
Thousand Year War 
Some catchy melodic death metal for your earbuds

Question of the Month
Should the Bastard start his own music podcast?

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@pointhammered on twitter (Johnny)
@hammered_rodge (Rodge)


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