Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mike "Back in the Day" Butcher

I was Pre-Hersey before before there was a Heresy...
Chicago Golden Daemon Honorable Mention '08 as part of the first TNA (Team North America) Pre-Heresy Project
"Word Bearers Chaplin and Retinue"

Well at least before it was cool.

Mike Butcher
Painting, collecting and playing with wargaming miniatures for over 30 years and damn lucky to be married to a woman for over 25 of that who: 

1) Doesn't think its weird 

2) Knows to be sympathetic when I talk about the beardy army that cleaned my at (insert event name here)

3) Picks up cool stuff she comes across wherever "in case I might need for my little men"

I am especially fond of and known for converting and modifying miniatures and often take on commission work. Over the years, I have won a Silver Demon (large monster), a WH40K GT, numerous best painted, players choice, and best army awards as well as being featured in White Dwarf several times. Additionally my WAB Greek City States Army was featured in Wargames Illustrated. 

I hail from California, was Active Duty Army for 23 years (did Desert Storm and OIF and retired as a 1SG), moved to Wisconsin in 2003 and do not plan to leave. 

I was "broken in" to the Handsome Point Boys (we weren't called that yet)  when we first moved up here (Wisconsin) by getting my Ogre's teeth kicked in by Rodgers' weedy DOW at Jadeco (ahhh memories). 

The most reclusive of the Handsome Point Boys; I go to events as time will allow and trade painting and converting ideas with many great Gamers I have met over the years. 

I tend to build armies based on what they will look like vs. performance on the table, but I am working to find a playable (for me) balance.
Here some of my armies from "Back in the Day" that I actually have pictures of. 
Ogre Kingdoms '03 
WAB Greeks

Dallas WH40K Tau (Players Choice)

Chicago 40K GT Word Bearers (Best Army)
Chicago GT 2000 Nurgle Chaos Marines (Won Overall)
Thanks for looking... 


Bitten By Snakes said...

Badass armies. Could you do any hobbying while you were deployed?

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks. Sadly no hobby time on deployments.

jugger said...

Your work has always been very inspirational Michael, keep it up!!

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks, not as fast I used to be, but I like to think the quality is a little better now :)

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