Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ask the Bastards #9

A reader named Thomas has a question about Apoxie Sculpt in this installment!

I've done some research using google about whether to use protection gloves or not, when I sculpt with epoxy clays. (Because of chemicals)

Since you guys have a lot of experience using It, would you recommend using gloves or not? Have any of you had allergic reactions, or have I just read rumours?

An informal poll of the Bastards indicated a split decision. Three used gloves while five did not.

For those not familiar with this Apoxie Sculpt, it is similar to Kneadatite (traditional green stuff). It is primarily used whenever you need a ton of putty, such as Butcher's Screw City Monster, because it is much cheaper than green stuff in bulk. It is very useful in particular for base work, adding elevation and interesting features to the base. All the Cthulhu Demons bases were done with Apoxie. It dries brittle (instead of elastic like green stuff) and can be sanded or worked with a dremel.

So do you need gloves or what? The instructions say you do. I just bought a big tube of green stuff (also Epoxy based) and the instructions on that package also say to wear gloves, though. I suspect very few people where gloves when using green stuff. I have not seen professional sculptors using gloves at any seminars I have attended. Just because nobody else is doing it, though, is not a super great reason to do something, so let's take a look at the Material Safety Data Sheets for each.

Apoxie Sculpt MSDS

Kneadatite MSDS

I am no expert but it seems to me that because some people out there are sensitive to Epoxy, the manufacturers are suggesting that everyone wear gloves to cover their bases (and/or asses). We don't know of anyone who has had a reaction.

Our unofficial advice is this:

If you get a rash or redness when handling either of these products, you should definitely wear gloves.

If you don't, then you probably don't need to wear gloves for health reasons if you don't want to. That said, one bastard still wears gloves just because they don't like the sticky feeling of the Apoxie on their skin.

It is important to stress that, regardless of whether you wear gloves or not, you should still make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after using either product.

Washing your hands after any hobby time is just a good practice to get into. Over a lifetime, there is no telling what sort of effect the absorption or ingestion of various primer or spray residues, lacquers, and other hobby chemicals could do to you. (So maybe you should wear gloves all the time to be extra safe after all? We don't know, we just paint these fuckin' figs.)

If you have a hobby question of your own, drop us a line!


Ryan said...

Haha - I'm not surprised that you were able to make this post interesting to read when it should have been super boring and straight forward. Found myself laughing...good work.

Unknown said...

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Seth Drallitoc said...

I know someone who has -
Damned shame too!

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