Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wolfshrine of Chaos

Hey peeps,

As promised in the last Wolf-Ogre post, here are some pics of the Chaos Warshrine that I've done:

The Good Side

I guess the Bad Side?

Close up of the Shrine Master

Ol' Crazy Eye is comin' for ya!

And of course, wolf dick. Boosh.

That's all. Peeps were requesting it and I figured I'd (eventually) deliver.

Next up: Pics of Mikey G's New Standing Desk. I went Rogerian on this one!

Smell ya later,


Ryan said...


Rogers said...

Nice! Reminds me of the American Werewolf in London werewolf!

Erik said...

I must agree, its so stunning

Goldmunds Welt said...

Awesome work. Brutal as Chaos should be!!!

Nabroleon said...

Thanks guys! Glad you like it!

Rodge: I looked up the reference and I agree. Very similar builds! haha

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