Friday, July 18, 2014

Warhammer Quest - Base Set Complete (Monsters)

It seems like it has been too long since I've made a post, and it's probably because I underestimated how long it would take me to finish the Models for the base set of Warhammer Quest.  I will say that my goal was to not paint or work on anything until they were done, but....

THEY ARE FINISHED - and I really enjoyed painting a bunch of stuff other than Elves and Khorne Demons.  It was also a great opportunity to try some of the new GW technical paints out including the Rust, Blood and Verdigris paints.  You will see them used on various models and I must say the verdigris and blood paints are really solid.  However, I'm not sold on the rust.  It needs a base coat of ~snakebite leather or a wash of agrax earthshade after to make it look right.

In the base game of warhammer there are several monster cards that you can pull throughout with varying quantities of monsters.  Many of the cards are 2d6 of X or D6 of Y or even D3 Minotaurs.  Thus in order to prepare for the entire game I needed 12 Skaven, 6 Orcs, 6 Orc Archers, 6 Goblins, 6 Goblin Archers, 12 Spiders, 12 Bats, 12 Rats, 12 Snotlings and last but not least 3 minotaurs.

First up we have the Critters - some may say the easiest gold(experience) in the game but careful as many a traveler has been brought low by continued pressure from these little vermin.  The spiders are all from the Arachnarok kit which many of you may know I used in my Soulgrinder conversion.  The bats I took from an old metal Bat Swarm kit and the Rats I ordered from Reaper Bones (thanks Joe P). The snotlings might actually be the ones from the base game...not sure where these came from.  Honestly I didn't spend much time on these, they die so fast and after level 1 they aren't seen too often.

Moving on we have the dirty Ratmen, the Skaven.  In game these guys are pretty weak, but they usually come out in force so can cause issues early on in the game.  Later as a character reaches level 2 and up they become mere annoyances.  These rats as man of you can tell are from the Island of Blood set.

Orcs and Goblins are up next, and since ORCS is da Best we will save them until after the goblins.  The goblins I just purchased a set off of Amazon and used the extra models to build a couple of netters which are needed later in the game.  These guys die just as easily as the skaven but they can be really annoying early if they have bows as it can be tough to get to them due to the pinning rules.  I painted different color diamonds on their hoods to easily tell them apart.

The orcs on the other hand I purchased from a friend in varying states of disrepair and paint.  I didn't even bother stripping them and just cleaned mold lines where I could.  6 with hand weapons and 6 with bows (bow hands are form the savage orc kit - thanks YU).  I primed both sets in different colors of green to better tell them apart in the dungeon.  For the orcs it is still fairly difficult.

Last we have the Minotaur.  One of these guys can literally wipe an entire party and in fact one did the first time I ever played this game.  With 15 wounds each, S and T 4 and 2 attacks these guys are beasts.  Honestly the only time I've ever played base game and had the D3 come up a 3 we used a luck charm to re-roll it.  When 1 can wipe a party, 3 just does it faster.

I had never had the opportunity to paint orcs, skaven, goblins or mino before and really enjoyed it.  I didn't paint to the level I paint my warhammer armies, but focused heavily on basecoats and washes or drybrushing and I think they turned out solid.  Easily good enough for the dungeon.  I think the Mintoaur were my favorite to paint and although I don't have any plans to build a Beastman army I think I would want to paint these guys up first.  I had a lot of fun with the blood effects on them!

Really looking forward to working on more of the more unique monsters that we can come across including: Black Guard, Trolls, Centaurs, and many more.  However, now that this project is done I have some Rockwars prep to do!

Stay tuned for my next post which will be on prep for that tournament.


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Nice work Nicol - we need to get another dungeon going soon! - Joe P

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