Thursday, July 24, 2014

Spiders! Part III | WHFB

More Progress... Legs are taking forever (along with bouncing about on 4 other projects...); I have figured out a way to make it go a bit faster, which is helping.

Once all are posed and fit together, will go in and GS the knees, etc. then on to the riders.

I think the leaping spider is working, intent is that it is jumping over the 1st Rank to continue the advance/attack. There will be other spiders at higher elevations in other ranks to enhance the seething look I am going for.

Ranking is working out better than I thought it would too.


jugger said...

I love this idea!!! These kick ass!

Samuli S said...

These guys are coming along very nicely! Love the idea of the leaping spider. Reminds me of the B-grade horror flicks with all the crawlies leaping at unsuspecting victims

DeanM said...

Very nice WIP, Michael. Looks like they would take some thought to have them rank up like that.

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks! Bouncing back and fourth on several projects... :)

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